Wordbrain 2 Traveller Desert Answers


Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Desert in Word Traveller Category
Wordbrain 2 Desert Level 1 – Cactus, Hostile, Landscape, Terrain, Oasis, Arid, Sunlight, Barren, Dust, Scorpion
Wordbrain 2 Desert Level 2 – Arabian, Lizard, Dry, Patagonian, Nocturnal, Snake, Hot, Caravan, Gobi, Heat, Thirst
Wordbrain 2 Desert Level 3 – Solar, Erosion, Wildflower, Temperature, Thorn, Sandstorm, Environment, Mirage
Wordbrain 2 Desert Level 4 – Dune, Australia, Shade, Palm, Sahara, Dromedary, Kalahari, Climate, Camel, Parched
Wordbrain 2 Desert Level 5 – Sidewinder, Succulent, Nomad, Sun, Tumbleweed, Vulture, Reptile, Coyote, Drought

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