Wordbrain 2 Sesquipedalian In the kitchen Answers

These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 In the kitchen (Word Sesquipedalian 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 In the kitchen Level 1 – Apron, Vegetable, Whisk, Refrigerator, Colander, Knife, Spatula, Ingredient, Mug
Wordbrain 2 In the kitchen Level 2 – Tablecloth, Microwave, Blender, Nourishment, Freezer, Dishwasher, Dinner, Fork
Wordbrain 2 In the kitchen Level 3 – Carbohydrate, Utensil, Cuisine, Cooking, Espresso, Billboard, Homemade, Supper
Wordbrain 2 In the kitchen Level 4 – Baking, Highchair, Breakfast, Ladle, Lunch, Refreshment, Glass, Spoon, Container
Wordbrain 2 In the kitchen Level 5 – Chocolate, Dish, Banquet, Sieve, Sink Toaster, Sustenance, Kettle, Saucepan, Milk


  1. Technology? Or In the kitchen answers
    Level 1
    Apron, vegetable, whisk, refrigerator, colander, knife, spatula, ingredient, mug
    Level 2
    Tablecloth, microwave, blender, nourishment, freezer, dishwasher, dinner, fork
    Level 3
    Carbohydrate, utensil, cuisine, cooking, espresso, billboard, homemade, supper
    Level 4
    Baking, highchair, breakfast, ladle, lunch, refreshment, glass, spoon, container
    Level 5
    Chocolate, dish, banquet, sieve, sink toaster, sustenance, kettle, saucepan, milk

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