Wordbrain 2 Sesquipedalian In the city Answers

These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 In the city (Word Sesquipedalian 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 In the city Level 1 – Skyscraper, Traffic, Urbanization, Pollution, Concrete, Apartment, Coach, Taxi
Wordbrain 2 In the city Level 2 – Populated, Transportation, Sanitation, Highway, Citizen, Cathedral, Sidewalk
Wordbrain 2 In the city Level 3 – Civilization, Clock Tower, Infrastructure, Significance, Market, Avenue, Busy
Wordbrain 2 In the city Level 4 – Park, Vehicle, Firefighters, Highschool, Parade, Tourist, Parking, Maintenance
Wordbrain 2 In the city Level 5 – Precinct, Arcade, Playground, Fountain, Scaffolding, Plaza, Museum, Phonebooth

The solutions to the puzzles were last updated on


  1. Level 3
    Civilization, clock tower, infrastructure, significance, market, avenue, busy
    Level 4
    Park, vehicle, firefighters, highschool, parade, tourist, parking, maintenance
    Level 5
    Precinct, arcade, playground, fountain, scaffolding, plaza, museum, phonebooth

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