Wordbrain 2 Idol Mammals Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Mammals (Word Idol8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Mammals Level 1 – Rhinoceros, Skunk, Leopard, Dingo, Whale, Horse, Wolf, Moose, Raccoon, Warthog, Goat
Wordbrain 2 Mammals Level 2 – Sheep, Armadillo, Mouse, Cougar, Llama, Giraffe, Groundhog, Tiger, Beaver, Polecat
Wordbrain 2 Mammals Level 3 – Meerkat, Otter, Chipmunk, Badger, Kangaroo, Tapir, Hippopotamus, Rabbit, Dolphin
Wordbrain 2 Mammals Level 4 – Sloth, Wolverine, Ocelot, Panda, Chimpanzee, Buffalo, Jaguar, Platypus, Antelope
Wordbrain 2 Mammals Level 5 – Manatee, Bear, Aardvark, Monkey, Elephant, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Mongoose, Cheetah

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