Wordbrain 2 Fanatic Rainforest Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Rainforest (Word Fanatic8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Rainforest Level 1 – Vegetation, Parrot, Chimpanzee, Cacao, Jaguar, Banyan, Snake, Tarantula, Piranha
Wordbrain 2 Rainforest Level 2 – Insects, Orangutan, Humidity, Capybara, Fern, Temperate, Ocelot, Bamboo, Manatee
Wordbrain 2 Rainforest Level 3 – Mangrove, Amazon, Crocodile, Monkey, Dragonfly, Sloth, Orchid, Banana, Mango, Toad
Wordbrain 2 Rainforest Level 4 – Canopy, Anaconda, Gorilla, Tropical, Evergreen, Iguana, Tiger, Waterfall, Gibbon
Wordbrain 2 Rainforest Level 5 – Hummingbird, Lemur, Jungle, Butterfly, Fungi, Platypus, Leopard, Pineapple, Frog


  1. It would be very helpful if u told people how to use this website. I type in word fanatic rainforest , and u sent me to another page that says answers and it just runs me in circles . Do u give answers or not???

    • @Sandy These are the latest puzzle from Wordbrain 2 app and we are in the process of solving them. Just give us a day. You can see that answers for the puzzles till March 11 updated in our website.

    • 1 vegetation parrot chimpanzee cacao jaguar Banyan snake tarantula piranha
      2 insects orangutans humidity capybara fern temperate ocelot bamboo manatees
      3 mangrove Amazon crocodile monkey dragonfly sloth orchids banana mango toad
      4 canopy anaconda gorilla tropical evergreen iguana tiger waterfall ribbon
      5 hummingbird lemurs jungle butterfly fungi platypus leopard pineapple frog

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