Wordbrain 2 Cryptographer Music Answers


These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Music (Word Cryptographer8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 1 – Amplifier, Classical, Chord, Rapper, Techno, Composer, Remix, Ballad, Timbre, Solo
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 2 – Tempo, Soul, Orchestra, Artist, Reverb, Rhythm, Electronic, Swing, Baritone, Metal
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 3 – Soprano, Chorus, Country, Rhyme, Anthem, Trance, Record, Conductor, Allegro, Pitch
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 4 – Composition, Album, Jazz, Harmonic, Bebop, Verse, Blues, Harmony, Musician, Presto
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 5 – Concert, Disco, Band, Grunge, Symphony, Single, Melody, Reggae, Duet, Acoustic, Beat

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  1. Level 1- amplifier, classical, chord, rapper, techno, composer, remix, ballad, timbre, solo
    Level 2- tempo, soul, orchestra, artist, reverb, rhythm, electronic, swing, baritone, metal
    Level 3- soprano, chorus, country, rhyme, ballad, trance, record, conductor, allegro, pitch
    Level 4- composition, album, jazz, harmonic, bebop, verse, blues, harmony, musician, presto
    Level 5- concert, disco, band, grunge, symphony, single, melody, reggae, duet, acoustic, beat

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