Wordbrain 2 Aficionado Entertainment Answers

These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Entertainment (Word Aficionado 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Entertainment Level 1 – Concert, Enjoyment, Pastime, Theater, Production, Cabaret, Balloon, Clown, Actor
Wordbrain 2 Entertainment Level 2 – Performance, Stage, Recreational, Hollywood, Leisure, Pageant, Carousel, Bliss
Wordbrain 2 Entertainment Level 3 – Television, Spectacle, Videogame, Comedy, Celebrate, Pantomime, Vaudevillian
Wordbrain 2 Entertainment Level 4 – Audience, Movie, Programme, Festivity, Boardgame, Puppeteer, Streamer, Musical
Wordbrain 2 Entertainment Level 5 – Amusement, Dramatization, Showmanship, Activity, Cheerfulness, Circus, Arena

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  1. Level 3 – television, spectacle, videogame, comedy, celebrate, pantomime, vaudevillian
    Level 4 – audience, movie, programme, festivity, boardgame, puppeteer, streamer, musical
    Level 5 – amusement, dramatization, showmanship, activity, cheerfulness, circus, arena

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