Wordbrain 2 Aficionado Crafts Answers

These are the updated answers of 2019 to Wordbrain 2 Crafts (Word Aficionado 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Crafts Level 1 – Glue, Highlighter, Design, Painting, Measure, Sawmill, Color, Scrapbook, Scalpel
Wordbrain 2 Crafts Level 2 – Scotch, Pattern, Fabric, Brush, Needlework, Paper, Cotton, Frame, Display, Cutting
Wordbrain 2 Crafts Level 3 – Centimeter, Fabricating, Presentation, Assemble, Construct, Sculpture, Paint
Wordbrain 2 Crafts Level 4 – Protractor, Creativity, Invention, Format, Instruction, Brainstorm, Tapestry
Wordbrain 2 Crafts Level 5 – Blueprint, Arrangement, Organization, Handicraft, Creation, Artist, Quilting

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  1. Level 2 – Scotch, pattern, fabric, brush, needlework, paper, cotton, frame, display, cutting
    Level 3 – centimeter, fabricating, presentation, assemble, construct, sculpture, paint
    Level 4 – protractor, creativity, invention, format, instruction, brainstorm, tapestry
    Level 5 – blueprint, arrangement, organization, handicraft, creation, artist, quilting

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