Wordalot Thespian Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Thespian Level 1065 to 1076.


Wordalot Thespian Level 1065 – stationery, paperplane, pictureframe, calculator, rubber, sharpener, ruler, film
Wordalot Thespian Level 1066 – brunette, heads, annoyed, expressions, surprised, angry, eyebrows, scared, sad

Wordalot Thespian Level 1067 – wallet, safe, shower, television, luggage, flipflops, signpost, parasol, aircon
Wordalot Thespian Level 1068 – supermarket, cap, bottles, baguette, paperbag, produce, cashier, till, basket
Wordalot Thespian Level 1069 – branches, cactus, weathervane, pegs, washingline, clothes, stones, caravan
Wordalot Thespian Level 1070 – pills, tissues, steam, thermometer, lampshade, sick, footbath, legs, fever
Wordalot Thespian Level 1071 – bobblehat, scarves, mother, father, skating, blades, family, seating, icerink
Wordalot Thespian Level 1072 – orangeslices, bow, berries, ribbon, cinnamon, baubles, pinecones, present, pies
Wordalot Thespian Level 1073 – labcoats, teaching, earrings, flask, testtubes, chemicals, pipette, goggles
Wordalot Thespian Level 1074 – broken, piggybank, ceramic, money, ears, shards, banknotes, hammer, pile, coins
Wordalot Thespian Level 1075 – cookiecutter, wood, rollingpin, threeeggs, flour, nozzles, syringe, whisk
Wordalot Thespian Level 1076 – bear, round, plasticine, wool, hippo, sheep, beaks, rhino, dinosaur, patches, lion, mane

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  1. Ups stick was the correct for level 1065, thank you. Now stuck on level 1072 and again the answer I need is not listed. The letters are: zorlnssetkafnn. The word starts and ends with s and it may be some kind of a hot drink with orange slices. Any ideas?

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