Wordalot Scholar Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Scholar Level 405 to 416


Wordalot Scholar Level 405 – Fish, Trees, Eye, Fins, Sails, Chimneys, Windmill, House, Scales, Tail
Wordalot Scholar Level 406 – Bridges, Scroll, Spear, Beard, Bard, Wizard, Flag, Castle, Barbarian, Shield, Arrows, Staff, Bow

Wordalot Scholar Level 407 – Sauce, Crust, Alive, Tooth, Straw, Drink, Arms, Cola, Cone, Mustard, Cheese, Winking, Hands
Wordalot Scholar Level 408 – Truck, Worker, Circle, Construction, Square, Phone, Tablet, Triangle, Crane, Cogs, Windows, Wheels, Application, Blue, Clouds
Wordalot Scholar Level 409 – Triangles, Music, Circle, Spokes, Redflag, Stick, Maracas, Wheels, Band,
Wordalot Scholar Level 410 – Sunrays, Collar, Shark, Leaves, Slice, Smile, Teeth, Straw, Necklace, Spade, Palmtree, Shirt, Lime, Olives, Fin, Flowers, Island
Wordalot Scholar Level 411 – Box, Cushion, Pot, Teddybear, Jug, Plant, Lampshade, Basket, Car, Bag
Wordalot Scholar Level 412 – Tomatoes, Bacon, Sun, Knife, Cloud, Tree, Yolk, Trunk, Egg, Vine, Circle, Square, Plate, Fork
Wordalot Scholar Level 413 – Bracelet, Smiles, Teeth, People, Cheers, Blue, Cocktails, Green, Lips, Sleeve, Hair,
Wordalot Scholar Level 414 – Reading, Sunglasses, Hearts, Flower, Carrot, Paws, Dogs, Newspaper, Bench, Leaves, Tophat
Wordalot Scholar Level 415 – Bread, Blanket, Sunlight, Smile, Ball, Pentagons, Parents, Bananas, Bottle, Juice, Grass,
Wordalot Scholar Level 416 – Fingers, Beads, Paper, Hair, Concept, Brush, Fashion, String, Fabric, Paint, Hand, Dress

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