Wordalot Prodigy Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Prodigy Level 874 to 885.


Wordalot Proigy Level 873 – tail, robes, flying, mane, riding, longbeard, balloons, stars, wizard
Wordalot Proigy Level 874 – blueowl, monocle, rainbows, eyes, bowtie, wings, birds, clouds, beak

Wordalot Proigy Level 875 – clapperboard, blue, drink, glasses, bucket, popcorn, stripes, bubbles, straw
Wordalot Proigy Level 876 – bottle, lampshade, cake, envelope, plant, earth, teddybear, present, globe
Wordalot Proigy Level 877 – children, sand, ocean, starfish, birds, hammock, bucket, coconuts, drink, beach
Wordalot Proigy Level 878 – smalldoor, shadow, cat, tails, glasses, oval, machine, buttons, sewing, birds, fish
Wordalot Proigy Level 879 – jars, girl, counter, dough, kneading, apron, saucepans, eggs, kitchen, flour
Wordalot Proigy Level 880 – yellowshirt, hardhat, climbers, greenrope, harness, jumping, handsup, rocks
Wordalot Proigy Level 881 – rosycheek, scarf, smile, beach, nose, starfish, snowman, buttons, twig, ocean
Wordalot Proigy Level 882 – parrot, beaks, whiskers, chick, dog, sitting, rabbit, tails, birds, wings, cat
Wordalot Proigy Level 883 – bracelet, beads, ribbon, buttons, pegs, pin, string, label, roses, braid, paper, hearts
Wordalot Proigy Level 884 – mug, tea, cassettes, collage, photographs, modelship, beads, heart, pinkshoes,

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