Wordalot Oracle Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Oracle Level 969 to 980.


Wordalot Oracle Level 969 – guitar, microphone, path, fence, towers, sign, saxophone, pianokeys, castle, spotlights
Wordalot Oracle Level 970 – waterfall, mane, mountaingoat, trunk, elephant, lion, animals, rocks, tail, tusks, archway

Wordalot Oracle Level 971 – tophat, glasses, crown, eightcats, monocle, tail, whiskers, bowtie, scarf, headband
Wordalot Oracle Level 972 – lantern, candles, wick, skull, pickaxe, goldcoins, bone, cave, rocks, spade, wax, crystals, shovel
Wordalot Oracle Level 973 – museum, sculpture, volcano, sharpteeth, skull, dinosaur, camera, bones, arch, skeleton
Wordalot Oracle Level 974 – stripes, buttons, mittens, twigs, presents, snowmen, bowtie, tophat, snowing, earmuffs, scarves, jackets
Wordalot Oracle Level 975 – chicks, plate, tongue, whiskers, eggs, shirt, flowers, cupcakes, cat, curtains, window, fur, ribbon
Wordalot Oracle Level 976 – birdhouse, leaves, legs, birdnest, wellies, walking, blackbird, eggs, beetle, chimney, pinecones
Wordalot Oracle Level 977 – stars, mistletoe, pinecones, candle, flame, icing, cookies, tree, box
Wordalot Oracle Level 978 – icing, chefhats, pages, aprons, openbook, apple, giantcake, sandals, saucepan, redflowers
Wordalot Oracle Level 979 – sofa, smartphone, carpet, singing, wires, karaoke, kneeling, vase, microphones
Wordalot Oracle Level 980 – fork, herbs, eggshell, slicedbread, tomatoes, knife, ramekin, omelette, salt, glass, garlicclove, napkin, fryingpan

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