Wordalot Guru Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Guru Level 837 to 848.


Wordalot Guru Level 837 – oar, birdnest, shark, floating, ripples, rod, waterfall, fishing, boat, river
Wordalot Guru Level 838 – bottle, sun, milk, tomato, ladle, grapes, basket, saucepan, chillies, pretzel, meat, wheat, chilies

Wordalot Guru Level 839 – light, teapot, basket, orange, spout, heart, polkadot, lantern, handle, tassels
Wordalot Guru Level 840 – redhat, headlights, luggage, bus, seats, drivers, phone, walking, tie
Wordalot Guru Level 841 – ball, seal, podium, circus, ringmaster, tusk, balancing, lion, bowtie, hoops, mane, roar
Wordalot Guru Level 842 – redpencil, rocketship, cherries, planet, fence, rainbow, crescent, ring, stars, insect
Wordalot Guru Level 843 – pears, herbs, slice, tomatoes, bluecheese, wine, salami, grapes, glass, bottle, nuts
Wordalot Guru Level 844 – iris, blue, red, pupil, green, orange, yellow, lid, purple, rainbow, cornea, eye
Wordalot Guru Level 845 – paws, lyingdown, tail, wineglass, eyes, birds, pillows, cat, ears
Wordalot Guru Level 846 – lightbulb, book, drawing, sitting, sign, kite, curtains, pages, house, boy
Wordalot Guru Level 847 – croissant, cheese, apple, scissors, chocolate, sausages, bananas, hands, carrot
Wordalot Guru Level 848 – bow, envelope, keys, quill, chain, photograph, redribbon, writing, stamp

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