Wordalot Exalted Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Exalted Level 513 to 524.


Wordalot Exalted Level 513 – cute, treetrunk, petals, flowers, eyes, ears, rabbit, nose, daisy, grass, tail, paws
Wordalot Exalted Level 514 – beard, coconut, trunk, cocktail, beach, waves, parasol, deckchair, man, outline, table, sea, sketch, pineapple, chair, palmtrees

Wordalot Exalted Level 515 – roof, castle, sky, wings, spire, hill, trees, flying, claws, tower, scale, spikes, path, eyes
Wordalot Exalted Level 516 – stack, chest, melting, sparkles, shelves, skull, bottles, hourglass, flames, candles, pot
Wordalot Exalted Level 517 – stool, bar, curves, towel, waiter, mug, legs, cocktail, straw, bowtie, stripes, arms
Wordalot Exalted Level 518 – shorts, trainers, licking, eyes, sitting, tongue, cushions, lollipop, armchair
Wordalot Exalted Level 519 – masts, smiling, sails, carpet, teddy, feet, globe, pinkcar, ship, shelves, sitting, plait, openbook
Wordalot Exalted Level 520 – teapot, books, artist, canvas, easel, table, shutters, hearts, painting, shelves, frame
Wordalot Exalted Level 521 – roof, girl, house, boat, plants, hats, toys, dragon, dress, thatch, pots
Wordalot Exalted Level 522 – car, wires, orangeshirt, shorts, grass, antenna, boy, clouds, wheels, hat, tools, tree, sky
Wordalot Exalted Level 523 – surfboard, hats, bike, luggage, flipper, radio, beachball, stickers, towel, trainer, backpack, sneaker
Wordalot Exalted Level 524 – cuddlytoys, box, book, lens, kneeling, hat, shelves, carpet, basket, goggles, plushtoys

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