Word Jam Uruguay Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Uruguay under Patisserie Phenom Category


Word Jam Uruguay Level 1 – Rex, Per, Eel, Pre, Pox, Pro, Lop, Ore, Peel, Pore, Pole, Peer, Reel, Leer, Rope, Lope, Role, Lore, Leper, Repel, Expel, Explore
Word Jam Uruguay Level 2 – Lid, Git, Lad, Lag, Lit, Ail, Tag, Aid, Dig, Gat, Dial, Adit, Laid, Gait, Tail, Gild, Gilt, Glad, Digit, Tidal, Digital
Word Jam Uruguay Level 3 – Lam, Lag, Aim, Ail, Mac, Cam, Clam, Alma, Magi, Lama, Calm, Mail, Alga, Mica, Gala, Magic, Claim, Lamia, Magical
Word Jam Uruguay Level 4 – Rug, Lug, Dug, Rag, Lad, Lag, Gar, Gard, Drag, Drug, Dual, Glad, Laud, Aura, Lard, Alga, Gala, Aural, Laura, Guard, Radula, Gradual
Word Jam Uruguay Level 5 – Ace, Eon, Ice, Con, One, Ion, Can, Once, Cane, Nice, Cone, Coin, Aeon, Icon, Acne, Inca, Coca, Ocean, Conic, Canoe, Oceanic, Cocaine
Word Jam Uruguay Level 6 – Fee, Ace, Fen, Nee, Ice, Can, Fin, Fan, Cane, Fain, Cafe, Fine, Fane, Inca, Acne, Face, Nice, Fence, Niece, Fiance, Fiancee, Faience
Word Jam Uruguay Level 7 – Fop, For, Per, Foe, Pre, Err, Pro, Mop, Ore, Form, Pore, Fore, Poem, From, Romp, Rope, Mope, More, Roper, Forme, Former, Reform, Perform
Word Jam Uruguay Level 8 – Fur, Our, Fun, Fin, Run, For, Rum, Ion, Rim, Nor, Firm, Form, Four, From, Ruin, Iron, Morn, Norm, Minor, Mourn, Forum, Inform, Uniform
Word Jam Uruguay Level 9 – For, Fin, Ion, Rim, Nor, Con, Firm, Coir, Corn, Coin, Icon, From, Form, Morn, Iron, Norm, Micro, Minor, Inform, Formic, Micron, Confirm
Word Jam Uruguay Level 10 – Wee, Wed, Wad, Ewe, Dew, Was, Sew, Sad, See, Sea, Awe, Saw, Seed, Wade, Weed, Ease, Awed, Eased, Sewed, Sawed, Swede, Seaweed
Word Jam Uruguay Level 11 – Sir, Sip, How, Hop, Hip, His, Pro, Who, Rip, Sop, Sow, Poi, Row, Shop, Show, Ship, Swop, Whip, Wisp, Prow, Wish, Worship
Word Jam Uruguay Level 12 – Rein, Infer, Fern, Inferno, Fore, None, Fire, Inner, Finer, Fine, Rife, Iron, Nine
Word Jam Uruguay Level 13 – Ago, Hog, Hoe, God, Age, Had, Dog, Add, Ego, Ado, Dad, Odd, Ode, Head, Dead, Aged, Dado, Doge, Goad, Hoed, Dodge, Goaded, Godhead
Word Jam Uruguay Level 14 – Iris, Arms, Similar, Rail, Mars, Lair, Liar, Sail, Sari, Mail, Alms, Slim, Slam
Word Jam Uruguay Level 15 – Pore, Propose, Poor, Spore, Prop, Rope, Pope, Rose, Pose, Pop, Prose, Poser, Sore, Oppose, Props
Word Jam Uruguay Level 16 – Elm, Eon, Coo, Con, Men, One, Moo, Cone, Moon, Come, Mole, Loon, Loom, Omen, Nome, Lone, Noel, Cool, Once, Lemon, Melon, Colon, Monocle
Word Jam Uruguay Level 17 – Sue, Fen, Sun, Eon, Foe, Cue, Fun, Son, Con, One, Use, Ones, Cone, Onus, Noes, Fuse, Nose, Nous, Once, Scone, Ounce, Focus, Confuse
Word Jam Uruguay Level 18 – Gloat, Talc, Clot, Alto, Goat, Goal, Alga, Clog, Log, Gala, Coat, Tag, Catalog, Coal, Toga, Cog
Word Jam Uruguay Level 19 – Sue, Sun, Use, Eon, Son, Sob, One, Bun, Bus, Nub, Onus, Boss, Ness, Ones, Snub, Noes, Buss, Nose, Snob, Nous, Bone, Bonus, Bonuses
Word Jam Uruguay Level 20 – Wee, Eke, Ewe, Red, Wed, Dew, Week, Deck, Deer, Drew, Weed, Reed, Reek, Cede, Crew, Ewer, Were, Wreck, Creek, Creed, Decker, Wrecked

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