Word Jam Sweden Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Sweden under Sous Chef Category


Word Jam Sweden Level 1 – Tan, Anti, Nail, Tail, Lain, Latin, Lit, Tin, Ail, Initial, Ant, Nil
Word Jam Sweden Level 2 – Earl, Avert, Ravel, Valet, Tale, Rave, Tear, Veal, Alert, Travel, Vale, Alter, Teal
Word Jam Sweden Level 3 – Earn, Tarn, Pant, Reap, Ante, Tern, Tear, Nape, Pane, Rent, Taper, Peat, Pear, Tape, Rant, Pert, Parent, Pate, Pare, Neat, Rapt
Word Jam Sweden Level 4 – Held, Lane, Deal, Lade, Hand, Handle, Land, Hale, Lend, Elan, Lead, Dean, Laden, Heal, Head, Lean
Word Jam Sweden Level 5 – Round, Dour, Undo, Rudd, Node, Drone, Dune, Dude, Under, Droned, Rude, Udder, Rounded, Nude, Rode, Done, Rune
Word Jam Sweden Level 6 – Thug, Thus, Gust, Sough, Shout, South, Oust, Tough, Ought, Gusto, Ghost, Shut, Sought, Gush, Shot, Host
Word Jam Sweden Level 7 – Theta, Hater, Hatter, Hate, Tart, Treat, Earth, Tetra, Threat, Heart, Heat, Thea, Rhea, Hear, Rate, Hare, Tear
Word Jam Sweden Level 8 – Cord, Core, Ford, Credo, Fred, Forced, Rode, Code, Fore
Word Jam Sweden Level 9 – Dives, Dived, Vase, Aided, Visa, Vied, Ides, Advised, Sided, Dive, Saved, Dais, Vide, Save, Advise, Aside, Avid
Word Jam Sweden Level 10 – Make, Armed, Rake, Read, Raked, Mare, Dame, Marked, Maker, Drake, Made, Dare, Dear, Dream, Mark, Mead, Dark
Word Jam Sweden Level 11 – Deal, Delta, Talk, Late, Teak, Teal, Dealt, Lake, Lead, Leat, Date, Talked, Kale, Tale, Take, Lade, Leak
Word Jam Sweden Level 12 – Snag, Asking, Skin, Sing, Sang, Sank, Sink, Gain, Sign
Word Jam Sweden Level 13 – Rink, Grim, Main, Akin, Mark, Gram, Rang, Raking, Magi, Rain, Grain, Arming, Rank, Gain, Making, Marking, Ring, Margin, King, Mink, Grin
Word Jam Sweden Level 14 – Inset, Slit, Lent, Silt, Enlist, Lien, Ties, Lest, Nest, Lite, Isle, Silent, Listen, Inlet, Tile, Tinsel, Lens, Site, List, Sent
Word Jam Sweden Level 15 – Warming, Warm, Main, Gram, Rain, Gain, Wring, Rang, Grin, Wain, Gnaw, Grain, Wing, Arming, Margin, Grim, Magi, Ring, Warn
Word Jam Sweden Level 16 – Bought, Thou, Ought, Tough, Bout, Bough, Gout, Goth, Thug
Word Jam Sweden Level 17 – Code, Crew, Cower, Wore, Rowed, Drew, Core, Dower, Corded, Credo, Word, Crowed, Cowed, Crowded, Crow, Rode, Owed, Worded, Crowd, Cord
Word Jam Sweden Level 18 – Cover, Eve, Cede, Drove, Credo, Veer, Erode, Rode, Deer, Dove, Code, Reed, Cove, Ore, Creed, Core, Covered, Ode, Cord, Rod
Word Jam Sweden Level 19 – Shin, Snip, Ship, Gush, Sing, Hung, Sigh, Push, Spin, Sign, Suing, Punish, Pushing, Spun, Sung, Snug, Shun, Ping
Word Jam Sweden Level 20 – Vide, Rend, Drive, Diver, Vied, Riven, Rind, Rein, Vine, Dire, Diner, Dine, Driven, Dive, Dern, Ride, Vein
Word Jam Sweden Level 21 – Flavour, Oval, Oral, Favor, Foal, Foul, Flour, Flora, Loaf
Word Jam Sweden Level 22 – Gore, Fore, Forte, Tore, Forget, Fort, Ergo, Fret, Forge, Rote, Frog
Word Jam Sweden Level 23 – Lied, Lien, Kind, Kindle, Dink, Idle, Lined, Dine, Lend, Liken, Dike, Linked, Link, Line, Inked, Kiln, Liked, Lind, Like
Word Jam Sweden Level 24 – Hear, Bare, Crab, Brace, Care, Arch, Each, Reach, Rhea, Race, Beach, Breach, Bear, Char, Acre, Hare, Ache, Herb
Word Jam Sweden Level 25 – Anger, Rain, Rage, Earn, Nine, Earning, Nearing, Rein, Gain, Grain, Grin, Inner, Regain, Range, Reign, Near, Ring, Inane, Gear, Rang
Word Jam Sweden Level 26 – Curtain, Curt, Tarn, Rant, Rain, Curia, Tuna, Tunic, Cart, Anti, Ruin, Incur, Turn, Aunt, Train, Cairn, Unit, Cant
Word Jam Sweden Level 27 – Hang, Sank, Sink, Gnash, Sang, Akin, Shank, Shag, Sing, Hank, Skin, Sigh, Shin, Gain, Shaking, Sign, Gash, Snag, Asking
Word Jam Sweden Level 28 – Magma, Mama, Grammar, Arm, Ram, Gamma, Gram, Mar, Rag
Word Jam Sweden Level 29 – Leap, Acre, Replace, Peel, Reap, Reel, Pace, Pear, Plea, Peer, Lace, Caper, Repel, Pare, Earl, Parcel, Cereal, Pearl, Repeal, Peace, Cape
Word Jam Sweden Level 30 – Tied, Tile, Ties, Tide, Lest, Listed, Stile, Idle, Lite, Diet, Sited, Isle, Slide, Tiled, Slid, Lied, Slit, Silt
Word Jam Sweden Level 31 – Oats, Alas, Coast, Coat, Last, Clot, Alto, Atlas, Coal, Lost, Costa, Cast, Slot, Salt, Coastal, Talc, Altos, Colt, Cost
Word Jam Sweden Level 32 – Pert, Taper, Peat, Tape, Reap, Peart, Pate, Tree, Rate, Pare, Part, Tear, Repeat, Peer, Petar, Peter, Rapt, Eater, Pear
Word Jam Sweden Level 33 – Inlet, Lice, Lent, Cent, Client, Lien, Tile, Cite, Nice
Word Jam Sweden Level 34 – Tang, Hint, Neigh, Eating, Gnat, Tinge, Neat, Hating, Gate, Thane, Hang, Thin, Hinge, Gain, Heating, Agent, Hate, Heat, Giant, Gait, Ante
Word Jam Sweden Level 35 – Diet, Lied, Felt, Delft, Filed, Tiled, Edit, Field, Life, Flit, Lift, Deft, Tide, Fled, Left, Lifted, Lite, Fetid, Tile, Idle
Word Jam Sweden Level 36 – Twin, Rent, Tern, Twine, Wine, Inter, Winter, Tier, Tire, Rein, Wire, Write, Newt, Inert, Writ, Weir, Wren, Rite
Word Jam Sweden Level 37 – Lamp, Leap, Plea, Seam, Alms, Psalm, Male, Seal, Maple, Plasm, Palm, Peal, Peas, Slam, Ample, Lame, Sample, Pale, Lapse, Slap
Word Jam Sweden Level 38 – Sue, Eel, Cue, Rue, See, Use, Sure, Seer, Slur, Lure, Clue, Cure, User, Curl, Else, Reel, Ruse, Leer, Rule, Cruel, Ulcer, Curse, Secure, Rescue, Recluse
Word Jam Sweden Level 39 – Notes, Tone, Sent, Ones, Host, Those, Nose, Tons, Note, Stone, Shot, Honest, Shone, Shoe, Nest
Word Jam Sweden Level 40 – Pale, Pace, Clap, Lace, Plea, Cape, Pedal, Laced, Paced, Peal, Plead, Placed, Paled, Leap, Clad

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