Word Jam Norway Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Norway under Patisserie Phenom Category


Word Jam Norway Level 1 – Tong, Icon, Song, Ingot, Scion, Costing, Sing, Coin, Tocsin, Tonic, Sign, Tongs, Sting, Stoic, Cist, Gist
Word Jam Norway Level 2 – Shed, Ahead, Sham, Mash, Ahem, Mesh, Shamed, Mead, Dame, Shade, Dash, Shame, Ashamed, Seam, Mashed, Shad, Hame
Word Jam Norway Level 3 – Firm, Infer, Reef, Rime, Firemen, Rein, Free, Fine, Fern, Miner, Refine, Mire, Fire, Mine, Mere, Finer, Rife
Word Jam Norway Level 4 – Tray, Bare, Byre, Bray, Beat, Tear, Treat, Batter, Abet, Tetra, Betty, Tart, Betray, Batty, Battery, Brat, Bate, Treaty, Bear
Word Jam Norway Level 5 – Flog, Lowing, Flown, Lingo, Fowl, Flowing, Owing, Wing, Foil, Flow, Golf, Ling, Inflow, Lion, Fling, Gown, Glow, Wolf
Word Jam Norway Level 6 – Crib, Lice, Bile, Mile, Rime, Climb, Limber, Mire, Rile, Brim, Relic, Climber, Lime, Rice, Crime, Limb, Mice, Elm, Rib
Word Jam Norway Level 7 – Served, Eider, Revised, Sired, Sire, Verse, Divers, Drive, Diver, Derive, Sieve, Diverse, Reed, Dire, Seer, Devise, Vide, Veer, Reside
Word Jam Norway Level 8 – Sucre, Rescue, Reed, Cured, Secured, Crude, Curse, Reduce, User, Ruse, Sued, Deuce, Secure, Curd, Creed, Screed, Rude, Rescued, Cursed, Seer, Cede
Word Jam Norway Level 9 – Retina, Errant, Rite, Train, Rare, Rant, Tarn, Trine, Rear, Retain, Irate, Inter, Tier, Rein, Trainer, Inert, Trier, Ante, Tern
Word Jam Norway Level 10 – Sued, Crude, Herd, Sucre, Rush, Shred, Curse, Ruse, Rude, Usher, Cursed, Cure, Shed, Crush, Curd, Rushed, Crushed, Cured, Sherd, User
Word Jam Norway Level 11 – Fed, Fee, Off, For, Foe, Red, Rod, Ore, Ode, Feed, Rode, Deer, Free, Ford, Reed, Fore, Reef, Fred, Doer, Freed, Defer, Erode, Offer, Offered
Word Jam Norway Level 12 – Beam, Bare, Camber, Cram, Cream, Amber, Race, Crab, Acre, Mace, Bream, Beer, Mere, Barm, Embrace, Bear, Acme, Ember, Mare, Brace
Word Jam Norway Level 13 – Rear, Star, Sear, Tsar, Dart, Rated, Dare, Aster, Arrest, Stared, Rare, Starred, Stead, Stade, Terra, Trader, Drear, Tread, Sated, Sard
Word Jam Norway Level 14 – Cruel, Lucre, User, Scut, Rustle, Curt, Curl, Lustre, Sucre, Cute, Ulster, Curse, Lest, Cluster, Cutler, Crust, Truce, Cult, Ruse, Crest, Sect, Slur
Word Jam Norway Level 15 – Sober, Robe, Bore, Score, Scrub, Scour, Sore, Obscure, Sucre, Cure, Cube, Sour, Rebus, Ours, Bourse, Curb, Source, Rouse, Ruse, Curse
Word Jam Norway Level 16 – Grail, Grin, Angry, Airy, Inlay, Liar, Grainy, Align, Rain, Gray, Angrily, Gaily, Ling, Laying, Lair, Lain, Rainy, Lying, Rail, Yarn
Word Jam Norway Level 17 – Ago, Log, Ill, Ail, Cog, All, Oil, Lag, Gill, Clog, Loci, Coil, Gall, Clio, Goal, Gaol, Coal, Call, Logic, Algol, Local, Lilac, Gallic, Logical
Word Jam Norway Level 18 – Sang, Snag, Sign, Tasting, Stag, Tint, Taint, Tang, Satin, Gist, Stain, Giant, Saint, Sting, Gain, Gnat, Sing, Stating, Gait, Stint, Titan
Word Jam Norway Level 19 – Cot, Sit, Six, Ice, Tie, Toe, Set, Its, Sot, Site, Cote, Ties, Sect, Cist, Cost, Exit, Cite, Toxic, Exist, Stoic, Exotic, Coexist
Word Jam Norway Level 20 – Sir, Sue, Lie, Use, Eel, Rue, See, Sure, Seer, Slur, Rise, Else, Rile, User, Lieu, Lure, Ruse, Reel, Leer, Sire, Rule, Isle, Ileus, Leisure

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