Word Jam Monaco Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Monaco under Executive Pastry Chef Category


Word Jam Monaco Level 1 – Lid, Lie, Die, Ill, Led, Kid, Slid, Lied, Dell, Kill, Desk, Disk, Sill, Skid, Sell, Silk, Like, Isle, Idle, Dies, Side, Slide, Skied, Liked, Skill, Killed, Skilled
Word Jam Monaco Level 2 – Moths, Mascot, Oats, Chat, Cast, Chaos, Coat, Moat, Host, Sham, Shot, Macho, Stomach, Math, Mast, Stoma, Cash, Atom, Coast, Chasm
Word Jam Monaco Level 3 – Reign, Genre, Grin, Ring, Generic, Green, Niece, Nice, Rein, Rig, Genie, Rice, Cringe, Gin, Ice
Word Jam Monaco Level 4 – Dim, Din, End, Die, Dig, Mid, Den, Gin, Men, Inn, Gen, Gem, Mine, Dime, Mind, Dine, Mien, Gide, Nine, Mend, Midge, Deign, Mined, Denim, Ending, Mending
Word Jam Monaco Level 5 – Ice, Vile, Leech, Hive, Vice, Eel, Vehicle, Veil, Eve, Live, Lie, Lice, Chive, Heel, Vie, Evil
Word Jam Monaco Level 6 – Oil, Hoof, Silo, Folios, Soil, Solo, Fish, Foil, Hoofs, Shoo, Fool, Foolish, Folio
Word Jam Monaco Level 7 – Riot, Air, Oat, Roar, Trait, Tart, Trot, Trio, Traitor, Iota, Tar, Tat, Tort, Art, Rat, Tarot, Ratio, Rot, Tot
Word Jam Monaco Level 8 – Sir, Sip, Per, Pre, Kip, Pie, Rip, Pip, Risk, Ripe, Sire, Skip, Rise, Kier, Pier, Pike, Kris, Perk, Peri, Pipe, Spire, Spike, Prise, Piper, Kipper, Skipper
Word Jam Monaco Level 9 – Lie, Sip, Elm, Imp, Lip, Peg, Leg, Pie, Pig, Gem, Limp, Slim, Mile, Slip, Isle, Gems, Lisp, Pile, Lime, Mise, Piles, Spile, Slime, Impel, Smile, Simple, Glimpse
Word Jam Monaco Level 10 – Hoe, Her, Nee, Eon, Hen, One, Ion, Ore, Nor, Hero, Hern, Erne, Heir, Here, Horn, Hone, Hire, Iron, Rein, Herne, Rhino, Heron, Rhine, Inhere, Herein, Heroine
Word Jam Monaco Level 11 – Pace, Keg, Apace, Ape, Package, Gap, Peck, Gape, Cake, Agape, Peak, Pea, Cape, Pack, Cage, Peg
Word Jam Monaco Level 12 – Pier, Mum, Rip, Impure, Imp, Rim, Premium, Prime, Pure, Rime, Rump, Mire, Prim, Mime, Ripe, Rum, Emu, Umpire, Pie, Perm
Word Jam Monaco Level 13 – Tucker, Cur, Err, Curt, Tuck, Recur, Truck, Cute, Truce, Rut, Truer, Cue, Trucker, Cure, Ruck, True
Word Jam Monaco Level 14 – Ale, Ell, Age, All, Led, Leg, Lad, Lag, Eel, Lade, Dell, Gale, Gall, Aged, Glad, Deal, Lead, Edge, Glee, Glade, Legal, Ledge, Eagle, Ladle, Allege, Galled, Alleged
Word Jam Monaco Level 15 – Lob, Duo, Dub, Due, Bed, Led, Old, Odd, Ode, Bud, Bole, Bold, Lobe, Bled, Lode, Dole, Bode, Blue, Duel, Dude, Loud, Boded, Doled, Boule, Buddle, Double, Doubled
Word Jam Monaco Level 16 – Plot, Pelt, Pile, Pole, Polite, Tile, Poet, Toil, Lite, Pilot, Lope
Word Jam Monaco Level 17 – Coil, Goal, Clog, Ail, Local, Ago, Oil, Lag, Loci, Logical, Call, Log, Ill, All, Gall, Coal, Cog, Logic, Lilac, Gill
Word Jam Monaco Level 18 – Fir, Grin, Form, Fig, Forming, Minor, Nor, Fog, Inform, Grim, Firm, Rim, Iron
Word Jam Monaco Level 19 – Rosy, Hit, Riot, Soy, Host, Rot, Its, Shot, Hoist, Sir, Story, Hot, Toy, Shirt, Try, Trio, Stir, History, Thy, Short, Sort, Sit, Shy
Word Jam Monaco Level 20 – Sift, Sties, Inset, Fin, Tie, Infest, Sin, Fine, Sit, Fest, Sent, Nit, Feint, Set, Site, Ties, Fitness, Its, Nest, Net, Fist, Ten, Fit, Tin
Word Jam Monaco Level 21 – Lid, Car, Air, Ail, Aid, Lad, Arc, Rid, Raid, Rail, Acid, Liar, Card, Dial, Lair, Clad, Aria, Arid, Laid, Lard, Caird, Laird, Acrid, Radial, Cardia, Racial, Radical
Word Jam Monaco Level 22 – Ante, Take, Tank, Knit, Neat, Teak, Akin, Taken, Tink, Kite, Intake
Word Jam Monaco Level 23 – Suit, Wet, West, Stew, Set, Use, Suite, Suet, Ties, Tie, Site, Twist, Wit, Stet, Wetsuit, Wise, Sew, Test, Sue
Word Jam Monaco Level 24 – Sit, Cat, Can, Act, Sac, Tin, Sin, Ant, Tan, Its, Nit, Sat, Cant, Anti, Scat, Cast, Cist, Scan, Inca, Saint, Scant, Stain, Asian, Canis, Satan, Satin, Satanic
Word Jam Monaco Level 25 – Toy, Cot, Sit, Coy, Ice, Icy, Tie, Toe, Set, Yet, Sot, Soy, Yes, Its, Cite, Site, Cote, Ties, Cosy, City, Cist, Cost, Cyst, Sect, Stoic, Society
Word Jam Monaco Level 26 – Posed, Pest, Test, Posted, Dose, Spotted, Spot, Depot, Poet, Potted, Sped, Pose, Stop, Post, Step
Word Jam Monaco Level 27 – Sole, Soles, Lose, Lesson, Ones, Loss, Lens, Nose, Loess, Lone, Sloe, Less
Word Jam Monaco Level 28 – Ate, Nag, Age, Nee, Net, Ten, Get, Tea, Gat, Tee, Gen, Ant, Tag, Tan, Eat, Teen, Agen, Ante, Gnat, Tang, Gent, Neat, Gate, Genet, Agent, Eaten, Teenage
Word Jam Monaco Level 29 – Clog, Soul, Use, Clue, Ogle, Lug, Ego, Sole, Locus, Goes, Close, Glucose, Sue, Log, Cog, Cue, Glue, Slug, Leg, Lose
Word Jam Monaco Level 30 – Chat, Each, Heat, Etch, Act, Ache, Hatch, Eat, Thee, Cheat, Heath, Ate, Cheetah, Hat, Teach, Hate, Tee, Ace, Tea, Cat
Word Jam Monaco Level 31 – Pod, Spies, Posed, Dip, Sod, Die, Ode, Sop, Dies, Dispose, Dose, Pie, Pied, Sped, Side, Pose, Poised, Ides, Poise, Does, Sip
Word Jam Monaco Level 32 – Once, Omen, Mince, Men, Mien, Cob, Bin, Mice, Combine, Icon, Ion, Bone, Mine, Comb, Income, Mob, Nib, Cone, Coin
Word Jam Monaco Level 33 – Fee, Enforce, Once, Cone, Confer, Ore, Corn, Fern, Foe, Eon, Free, Con, Fore, Encore, Nor, Fence, Force, Crone, Reef, Core
Word Jam Monaco Level 34 – Aura, Art, Turn, Rut, Natural, Runt, Tuna, Nut, Aural, Run, Tun, Rat, Ultra, Lunar, Altar, Rant, Ran, Natal, Tan, Tar, Ant, Aunt
Word Jam Monaco Level 35 – Line, Lien, Gens, Sign, Ingle, Ling, Nil, Singe, Lens, Sling, Isle, Leg, Single, Sin, Gin, Sing, Lie
Word Jam Monaco Level 36 – Rule, Rebut, Lure, Belt, Blur, Brute, True, Blurt, Butler, Tuber, Tube, Blue
Word Jam Monaco Level 37 – Clay, Air, Clary, Czar, Liar, Icy, Crazy, Lazy, Ray, Lyric, Lay, Ail, Arc, Crazily, Rail, Car, Cry, Racy, Airy, Lair
Word Jam Monaco Level 38 – Sea, Saga, Peas, Gasp, Spa, Gape, Passe, Age, Gap, Agape, Sag, Sage, Pass, Sagas, Ass, Passage, Gases, Page, Pea, Ape, Gas, Peg
Word Jam Monaco Level 39 – Gar, Bare, Gear, Garage, Barge, Gab, Beg, Bag, Gaga, Bar, Egg, Grab, Area, Rage, Bear, Gage, Garbage, Beggar, Gag, Brag, Garb
Word Jam Monaco Level 40 – Ore, Pole, Lope, Prowl, Rope, Owl, Wore, Roper, Lore, Woe, Err, Pore, Prowler, Lower, Rower, Power, Pew

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