Word Jam Kuwait Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Kuwait under Executive Pastry Chef Category


Word Jam Kuwait Level 1 – Sued, Diet, Spit, Tide, Suit, Stupid, Dies, Step, Sited, Duties, Dispute, Dust, Ties, Tied, Used, Tepid, Upset, Suited, Suite, Edit, Duet
Word Jam Kuwait Level 2 – Hale, Heal, Lance, Lane, Channel, Cane, Clan, Acne, Lean, Henna, Leach, Lace, Clean, Ache, Each
Word Jam Kuwait Level 3 – Power, Owed, Prod, Drop, Drew, Dower, Prow, Rope, Rode, Word, Rowed, Pore, Powder, Wore, Doer
Word Jam Kuwait Level 4 – Old, Solidly, Soy, Doll, Lily, Doily, Sill, Silo, Sold, Dolly, Solid, Ill, Sly, Idol, Silly, Idly, Lid, Slid, Oily, Oil, Soil, Sod
Word Jam Kuwait Level 5 – Ruin, Slain, Sail, Sari, Slur, Sun, Rain, Ran, Ail, Lair, Nail, Snarl, Sir, Run, Liar, Sin, Insular, Lain, Snail, Rail, Nil, Lunar, Air
Word Jam Kuwait Level 6 – Storm, Hose, Sore, Hero, Thor, Stem, Mesh, Moth, Rote, Store, Mort, Tore, Mother, Smother, Shore, Shoe, Horse, Shot, Host, Tome
Word Jam Kuwait Level 7 – Drew, Draw, Warred, Wear, Read, Drear, Rare, Reward, Dare, Dear, Wade, Wader, Warder, Drawer, Ware, Redraw, Ward, Rear, Awed
Word Jam Kuwait Level 8 – Threw, Whet, Rite, Whiter, Write, Hire, Weir, Writhe, Wither, Heir, Tire, Withe, Whither, Writ, Wire, White, Tier, Hither, Whit
Word Jam Kuwait Level 9 – Cure, Tire, Curt, Rut, Crier, Rice, Ice, Tie, True, Cut, Rue, Truce, Recur, Cur, Rite, Trier, Trice, Recruit, Tier, Cite, Cute, Err, Cue
Word Jam Kuwait Level 10 – Debt, Robed, Dote, Toed, Bored, Robe, Doer, Rote, Tore, Bode, Debtor, Rode, Trod, Bred, Bore
Word Jam Kuwait Level 11 – Has, Ashes, Miss, Him, Ahem, Ass, Shame, Mass, Amiss, Sash, Mesh, Mess, Hiss, Ham, Ash, Hem, Seam, Messiah, Aim, Smash, Sea, Sham, Same, Mash
Word Jam Kuwait Level 12 – Tier, Thin, Hit, Hire, Nit, Thine, Rent, Rein, Tie, Their, Inert, Trine, Net, Ten, Hint, Inherit, Hen, Tire, Heir, Inter, Then, Rite, Tin
Word Jam Kuwait Level 13 – Herb, Harm, Care, Crab, Breach, Amber, Brace, Cream, Bream, Reach, Hare, Hear, Beam, Bare, Chamber, Charm, Beach, Race
Word Jam Kuwait Level 14 – Ides, Held, Lied, Shied, Dish, Sled, Hide, Isle, Side, Idle, Shield, Sidle, Slid, Slide, Shed
Word Jam Kuwait Level 15 – Argon, Adorn, Grand, Darn, Groan, Goad, Organ, Road, Roan, Argo, Rang, Drag, Dragon
Word Jam Kuwait Level 16 – Glee, Angle, Lent, Neat, Legate, Tale, Agent, Elegant, Glean, Teal, Tang, Elan, Ante, Gentle, Lean, Angel, Eaten, Tangle, Eagle, Teen, Gate
Word Jam Kuwait Level 17 – Rose, Spore, Pore, Pops, Prop, Rope, Pope, Prose, Prosper, Poser, Roper, Errs, Sore, Pores, Props, Proper, Pose
Word Jam Kuwait Level 18 – Cones, Clone, Sole, Once, Nose, Cons, Scene, Scone, Lone, Seen, Close, Cone, Enclose, Lens, Else, Ones, Lose
Word Jam Kuwait Level 19 – Ate, Van, Net, Due, Den, End, Tan, Vat, Ten, Tea, Nut, Ant, Eat, Vent, Dune, Date, Vane, Ante, Tuna, Dent, Dean, Tend, Neat, Tune, Aunt, Duet, Nude, Tuned, Advent, Vaunted
Word Jam Kuwait Level 20 – Tape, Pate, Tack, Kept, Cake, Peat, Pace, Teak, Peak, Pact, Peck, Take, Packet, Cape, Pack
Word Jam Kuwait Level 21 – Teens, East, Ante, Tease, Nest, Eaten, Sent, Sane, Senate, Seat, Neat, Tense, Teen, Seen, Ease
Word Jam Kuwait Level 22 – Novel, Lone, Levin, Love, Evil, Vein, Viol, Lien, Oven, Vine, Olive, Vile, Liven, Involve, Lion, Live, Veil
Word Jam Kuwait Level 23 – Germ, Rim, Grin, Gem, Genie, Miner, Merge, Rig, Mere, Mine, Rime, Genre, Reign, Grim, Regime, Ring, Rein, Mire, Gin, Regimen, Green, Ermine, Grime, Men
Word Jam Kuwait Level 24 – Step, Peters, Steep, Reset, Terse, Seep, Rest, Pert, Peter, Steer, Pester, Peer, Pest, Spree, Steeper, Ester, Sept, Seer, Tree
Word Jam Kuwait Level 25 – Reel, Vile, Lever, Livre, Ever, Leer, Revile, Live, Eerie, Veil, Lie, Vie, Eve, Eel, Liver, Veer, Relive, Relieve, Revel, Levee, Evil, Rivel, Rile
Word Jam Kuwait Level 26 – Sore, Arose, Stag, Grate, Storage, Roast, Soar, Goat, Sage, Gear, Stager, Oats, Seat, Tear, Rage, Store, Stare
Word Jam Kuwait Level 27 – Man, Nag, Age, Aim, Gin, Men, Gen, Gem, Amen, Mine, Agen, Game, Mage, Name, Mien, Magi, Mane, Main, Gain, Mean, Amine, Genii, Mange, Image, Enigma, Gemini, Aiming, Imagine
Word Jam Kuwait Level 28 – Feast, Fast, State, Fest, Feat, Safes, Seat, Tests, Taste, Fate, Sets, Test, Fastest, Feta, Asset, East, Fates, Safe
Word Jam Kuwait Level 29 – Dose, Soled, Slow, Owed, Slew, Weld, Lode, Wold, Does, Sold, Sled, Sole, Slowed, Dowel, Sowed, Dole, Lose
Word Jam Kuwait Level 30 – Cone, Cool, Coo, Noose, Colon, Loose, Lens, Solo, Once, Soon, Ones, Son, Scone, Lose, Console, Eon, Con, Sole, Loon, Loosen, Nose, Close, Lone
Word Jam Kuwait Level 31 – Ring, Rang, Giant, Gait, Rating, Train, Tang, Tarn, Grin, Grit, Rain, Grant, Grain, Girt, Rant, Gnat, Gain
Word Jam Kuwait Level 32 – Tools, Soil, Solo, Slits, Silo, Slot, Lost, Soot, Lists, Solos, Silt, Loss, Stool, Loot, Soloist, Slit, Toss, Toil
Word Jam Kuwait Level 33 – Coat, Alto, Late, Clot, Colt, Locate, Aloe, Cote, Coal, Talc, Tale, Teal, Lace, Cleat
Word Jam Kuwait Level 34 – Angle, Lean, Lens, Gens, Glean, Slag, Sane, Slang, Angel, Elan, Lane, Sale, Gale, Angles, Sang, Snag, Seal, Sage
Word Jam Kuwait Level 35 – Rote, Tern, Hornet, Other, Torn, Hone, Horn, Tore, Note, Thro, Tone, Thorn, Hero, Throne, Tenor, North, Heron, Rent, Then
Word Jam Kuwait Level 36 – Clef, Elect, Tee, Erect, Feel, Leer, Eel, Reflect, Flee, Free, Fleet, Let, Fete, Feet, Tree, Creel, Fret, Reef, Fee, Cleft, Felt, Reel, Left
Word Jam Kuwait Level 37 – Rent, Nest, User, Unrest, Tern, Sent, Turn, Stern, Tune, Ruse, True, Sure, Rune, Stun, Rest, Rust, Tuner, Nurse, Runt
Word Jam Kuwait Level 38 – Craved, Acre, Cave, Race, Rave, Raved, Aver, Card, Cared, Carve, Dare, Cedar, Cadre, Crave, Care, Carved, Dear, Read, Raced
Word Jam Kuwait Level 39 – Naval, Acne, Cave, Calve, Lava, Lane, Clan, Clean, Navel, Ace, Venal, Van, Cane, Vale, Can, Veal, Canal, Valance, Ale, Lance, Lean, Nave, Vane, Lace
Word Jam Kuwait Level 40 – Molar, Loam, Earl, Roam, Oral, Moral, Mole, Aloe, Realm, Male, Meal, Mare, Mola, Lame, Role, Morale, Morel, Real, Lore

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