Word Jam Jamaica Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Jamaica under Patisserie Phenom Category


Word Jam Jamaica Level 1 – Trite, Tire, Trine, Rein, Rent, Rite, Tent, Tern, Inter, Inert, Nitrite, Tint, Tier
Word Jam Jamaica Level 2 – Hire, Her, Their, Tire, Eight, Tighter, Trite, Tier, Rite, Right, Hitter, Girth, Rig, Heir, Tight, Grit, Tiger
Word Jam Jamaica Level 3 – Fear, Arise, Fairies, Sear, Iris, Far, Fair, Eras, Afire, Fare, Sari, Rife, Raise, Safe, Fire, Are
Word Jam Jamaica Level 4 – Veto, Move, Item, Motive, Tome, Time, Teem, Toe, Vomit, Meet, Vote, Omit, Emotive, Mite, Met, Mote, Emit
Word Jam Jamaica Level 5 – Lose, Bile, Silk, Kilo, Sole, Boil, Isle, Obelisk, Elk, Soil, Like, Sob, Kilos, Silo, Bike, Lobe
Word Jam Jamaica Level 6 – Manmade, Amend, Madam, Mead, Mend, Madman, Mean, Made, Mama, Mane, Dean, Madmen, Madame, Mad, Named, Dame, Amen, Name
Word Jam Jamaica Level 7 – Rest, Terse, User, Request, Sure, True, Ruse, Tree, Reset, Ester, Quest, Steer, Rust, Queer
Word Jam Jamaica Level 8 – Arid, Raid, Dirty, Yard, Tardy, Aridity, Dirt, Dairy, Tray, Diary, Dart, Day, Triad, Aid, Airy, Tidy, Rid
Word Jam Jamaica Level 9 – Turf, Fruit, Rife, Rivet, Virtue, Refit, Fret, Five, Tier, True, Fire, Furtive, Tire, Fur, Rite, Rift
Word Jam Jamaica Level 10 – Lid, Lie, Did, Die, Ill, Led, Ell, Red, Rid, Dire, Lied, Dell, Rile, Rill, Died, Ride, Idle, Riled, Drill, Idled, Dried, Riddle, Drilled
Word Jam Jamaica Level 11 – Count, Canto, Tuna, Caution, Coin, Iota, Tunic, Unto, Aunt, Tonic, Auction, Auto, Cant, Toucan, Icon, Cation, Coat
Word Jam Jamaica Level 12 – Ending, Ling, Idle, Lending, Lined, Lien, Linen, Dine, Dingle, Deign, Lied, Linden, Ingle, Glide, Gild, Lind, Lend
Word Jam Jamaica Level 13 – Ruse, Serve, Verse, Veer, Ours, Overuse, Rouse, Sour, Over, Ever, Sever, Sore, Rove, Sure, User
Word Jam Jamaica Level 14 – Lady, Duty, Lid, Duality, Idly, Laid, Tidy, Laud, Adult, Tail, Lad, Daily, Audit, Aid, Duly, Tidal, Day, Dial, Dual
Word Jam Jamaica Level 15 – Eve, Eel, Old, Led, Lop, Pod, Ode, Love, Peel, Dole, Pole, Pled, Deep, Dove, Plod, Lope, Lode, Loved, Poled, Loped, Delve, Eloped, Develop
Word Jam Jamaica Level 16 – Lam, Oil, Nil, Ail, Aim, Ion, Inn, Man, Nail, Loam, Loan, Loma, Lion, Moan, Mail, Lain, Mola, Main, Anion, Oilman, Nominal
Word Jam Jamaica Level 17 – Reset, Seeds, Desert, Dessert, Steer, Tress, Deter, Dress, Terse, Tree, Reed, Deer, Red, Rested, Ester, Steed, Seed, Rest
Word Jam Jamaica Level 18 – Sir, Din, Don, Rod, Sin, Sod, Nod, Son, Ion, Rid, Nor, Soon, Door, Rind, Rood, Iron, Rondo, Donor, Orion, Rosin, Indoor, Indoors
Word Jam Jamaica Level 19 – Croon, Corn, Color, Carol, Coal, Loon, Oral, Coral, Colon, Coronal, Roan, Clan, Corona, Cool, Acorn, Loan
Word Jam Jamaica Level 20 – Peri, Mile, Ripe, Limp, Peril, Imperil, Elm, Lime, Mire, Pier, Impel, Imp, Prime, Prim, Rile, Pile, Rime

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