Word Jam Iceland Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Iceland under Patisserie Phenom Category


Word Jam Iceland Level 1 – Yawl, Heat, Halt, Ethyl, Thaw, Whale, Welt, Weal, Heal, Wale, Lathe, Hale, Wealthy, Hate, Teal, Tale, Wealth, Lath, Wheat, Whey, Whet
Word Jam Iceland Level 2 – Drier, Riser, Trier, Tries, Stir, Tier, Sired, Rider, Tired, Diet, Driest, Ides, Stride, Rite, Dire, Stirred, Tide, Sited, Sire, Edit
Word Jam Iceland Level 3 – Grief, Thief, Freight, Fight, Hire, Rite, Refit, Girth, Heir, Grit, Fret, Fighter, Gift, Firth, Tiger, Fright, Heft, Girt, Rift, Rife
Word Jam Iceland Level 4 – Sis, Sue, Die, Dub, Use, Bed, Due, Dib, Bid, Bus, Bud, Used, Sued, Suds, Ides, Buss, Dies, Side, Issue, Bussed, Issued, Busied, Disuse, Subside
Word Jam Iceland Level 5 – Song, Onset, Slot, Tongs, Tong, Lens, Longest, Lose, Sole, Lent, Seton, Gent, Nest, Stone, Stolen, Stole, Lest, Ogle, Nose, Gens
Word Jam Iceland Level 6 – Rot, Err, Toe, Set, Sot, Ore, Too, Sort, Rest, Sore, Soot, Tore, Rose, Root, Rost, Rote, Retro, Torso, Store, Roost, Roster, Sorter, Resort
Word Jam Iceland Level 7 – Hog, Toy, Log, Thy, Shy, Lot, Got, Sly, Hot, Sot, Soy, Goth, Shot, Holt, Host, Slot, Holy, Lost, Loth, Tosh, Ghost, Hotly, Sloth, Ghostly
Word Jam Iceland Level 8 – Toy, Ell, Rye, Yet, Try, Lot, Toe, Rot, Lye, Let, Ore, Yore, Tore, Rely, Lyre, Roll, Toll, Lore, Role, Yell, Rote, Tell, Troll, Trolley
Word Jam Iceland Level 9 – Refund, Fern, Dune, Undo, Ford, Frond, Drone, Dour, Fore, Ronde, Fond, Fund, Doer, Fend, Node, Feud, Rend, Founder, Rude, Rune
Word Jam Iceland Level 10 – Prism, Limp, Isle, Impel, Slime, Piles, Spile, Miser, Simpler, Spire, Smile, Mile, Simper, Pliers, Prise, Peril, Pier, Lime, Slim, Rime
Word Jam Iceland Level 11 – Cop, Cot, Pet, Top, Tom, Pot, Mop, Tee, Mot, Met, Toe, Teem, Cope, Cote, Come, Mote, Poem, Poet, Meet, Mope, Tome, Comet, Tempo, Compete
Word Jam Iceland Level 12 – Angel, Align, Neigh, Lien, Aline, Elan, Hinge, Inhale, Agile, Genial, Liane, Hang, Gale, Ling, Ingle, Healing, Alien, Hale, Heal, Glean, Lain
Word Jam Iceland Level 13 – Renal, Learn, Lair, Linear, Liner, Liane, Rein, Rile, Lien, Rain, Ariel, Aline, Lain, Alien, Airline, Lane, Earn, Earl, Elan, Rail
Word Jam Iceland Level 14 – Ago, Log, Pay, Lop, Alp, Pal, Lag, Ply, Gap, Lay, Lap, Paly, Play, Poly, Gaol, Polo, Pool, Yoga, Goal, Opal, Ploy, Loop, Paolo, Apology
Word Jam Iceland Level 15 – Mode, Emit, Mite, Motet, Omit, Ditto, Dime, Motte, Diet, Item, Tote, Totem, Dote, Mote, Tome, Timed, Omitted, Dome, Edit, Mitt
Word Jam Iceland Level 16 – Sag, Age, Peg, Pea, Ass, Gas, Gap, Sea, Spa, Ape, Gape, Saga, Sage, Peas, Pass, Gasp, Page, Apse, Gases, Agape, Sagas, Passe, Passage
Word Jam Iceland Level 17 – Dry, Eye, Ell, Rye, Eel, Red, Led, Lye, Dye, Deer, Dell, Reed, Eyed, Leer, Reel, Rely, Eyre, Lyre, Dyer, Yell, Reedy, Elder, Yelled, Elderly
Word Jam Iceland Level 18 – Lid, Din, Van, Ail, Aid, Via, Nil, Lad, Vain, Avid, Nail, Land, Lind, Dial, Vial, Laid, Lain, Anvil, Divan, India, Livid, Valid, Inlaid, Invalid
Word Jam Iceland Level 19 – Nee, Eye, Rye, Eel, Leg, Lye, Yen, Gen, Erne, Eyre, Reel, Glen, Rely, Gyre, Leer, Glee, Grey, Lyre, Green, Leger, Elegy, Genre, Energy, Greenly
Word Jam Iceland Level 20 – Cry, Fit, Rye, Ice, Try, Icy, Tie, Fry, Yet, City, Fire, Tier, Fret, Rift, Tire, Rife, Rite, Rice, Cite, Fiery, Trice, Refit, Certify, Rectify

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