Word Jam Denmark Answers

Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Denmark under Executive Pastry Chef Category


Word Jam Denmark Level 1 – Rope, Fop, Mop, Err, Ore, More, Romp, Form, Per, Former, Pro, Perform, Mope, Pore, Fore, Reform, Roper, Poem, Foe
Word Jam Denmark Level 2 – Core, Ore, June, Urn, Cure, Cue, Cur, Eon, Corn, Cone, Rune, Conjure, Once, Rue, Ounce, Crone
Word Jam Denmark Level 3 – Slot, Hole, Sloth, Stole, Lest, Hose, Hostel, Shot, Tile, Hostile, Shoe, Hoist, Stile, Host, Slit
Word Jam Denmark Level 4 – Pus, Hub, Lip, Plus, Ship, Publish, Plush, Bush, Lush, Sip, Hip, Bluish, Lisp, Slip, Push, Blush, Bus
Word Jam Denmark Level 5 – Lab, Airy, Lair, Libra, Bray, Lay, Library, Liar, Bail, Rail, Rib, Briar, Ail, Bay, Ably
Word Jam Denmark Level 6 – Hearty, Prey, Taper, Tear, Repay, Pyre, Payer, Rapt, Hate, Hare, Heap, Pray, Therapy, Pare, Tray, Heat, Path, Earthy, Reap, Pear, Harp
Word Jam Denmark Level 7 – Brat, Art, Rat, Blur, Blurt, Brutal, Tub, Aura, Rub, Rut, Lab, Bat, Tabular, Altar, Tubal, Ultra, Tuba, Bar, Tar, Aural, Tab
Word Jam Denmark Level 8 – Lame, Rave, Morale, Vale, Realm, Earl, Loam, Mole, Molar, Moral, Lover, Mover, Removal, Marvel, Veal, Mare, Roam, Meal, Oral, Oval
Word Jam Denmark Level 9 – Elder, Edge, Ledge, Greed, Reel, Ledger, Deer, Leer, Reed, Glee
Word Jam Denmark Level 10 – Gift, Lift, Tiling, Ling, Lifting, Lint, Gilt, Flint, Fling, Filing, Glint, Flit
Word Jam Denmark Level 11 – Van, Nag, Via, Has, Sin, Gas, His, Sag, Gin, Ash, Gash, Nigh, Sigh, Vain, Hang, Sign, Gain, Sing, Shin, Snag, Sang, Visa, Saving, Vanish, Having, Shaving
Word Jam Denmark Level 12 – Perk, Prove, Pork, Provoke, Rope, Rook, Rove, Poker, Pore, Poke
Word Jam Denmark Level 13 – Nee, Eel, Den, End, Led, See, Less, Ness, Sled, Else, Lens, Seed, Seen, Need, Lend, Send, Needs, Dense, Lends, Seeds, Sense, Selden, Sensed, Lessen, Lenses, Endless
Word Jam Denmark Level 14 – Don, Aye, Eon, Any, Den, Ado, One, End, Nay, Yen, Nod, Ode, Dye, Day, Node, Done, Dean, Aeon, Deny, None, Annoy, Anode, Anyone, Annoyed, Anodyne
Word Jam Denmark Level 15 – Into, Stoic, Cist, Scion, Ion, Icon, Scots, Tonic, Sin, Sit, Ton, Toss, Its, Cost, Tin, Consist, Coin, Son, Nit, Cot, Con
Word Jam Denmark Level 16 – Sand, Scan, Alas, Clan, Lad, Scandal, Land, Clad, Salad, Canal, Sac, Sandal, Can, Nasal, Scald, Sad
Word Jam Denmark Level 17 – Dread, War, Awarded, Waded, Wade, Red, Dead, Drew, Ear, Dared, Add, Read, Ward, Wear, Dare
Word Jam Denmark Level 18 – Era, New, War, Run, Ran, Are, Rue, Raw, Awe, Ear, Urea, Wane, Wean, Wren, Warn, Ware, Earn, Area, Near, Rune, Anew, Aura, Wear, Arena, Aurae, Aware, Unaware
Word Jam Denmark Level 19 – Lid, Had, Ail, Ado, Aid, Oil, Old, Hay, Lad, Day, Hid, Lay, Load, Holy, Hail, Ahoy, Hold, Lady, Halo, Dial, Idly, Laid, Oily, Idol, Daily, Doily, Holiday
Word Jam Denmark Level 20 – Flies, Lie, Selfish, Fish, Life, Isle, Fishes, Flesh, Self, Less, Shelf, Hiss, File
Word Jam Denmark Level 21 – Our, Eon, Inner, Ennui, Rue, Rune, None, Ore, Neuron, Inn, Union, Nun, Rein, Noun, Reunion, Nor, Iron, Ruin, Nine, Run, Ion
Word Jam Denmark Level 22 – Mince, Cone, Nome, Income, Icon, Eon, Come, Ion, Omen, Nice, Mine, Coin, Mice, Ice
Word Jam Denmark Level 23 – Lie, Lag, Age, Leg, All, Via, Vie, Ale, Ail, Ill, Gill, Vile, Give, Vale, Gale, Evil, Gall, Veil, Vial, Live, Veal, Gave, Legal, Agile, Villa, Alive, Village
Word Jam Denmark Level 24 – Cay, Car, Ill, Cry, Air, Ail, Icy, All, Arc, Lay, Ray, Liar, Rail, Rill, Lair, Lyra, Racy, Call, Clay, Airy, Lily, Ally, Rally, Lyric, Lilac, Clary, Lyrical
Word Jam Denmark Level 25 – Hoe, Hex, Eon, Pen, Hop, Hen, Hip, Pin, Pox, Pie, One, Ion, Nix, Poi, Nip, Hone, Oxen, Pein, Exon, Open, Pine, Nope, Hope, Phoenix
Word Jam Denmark Level 26 – Eye, Ell, Aye, Bee, Eel, Bay, All, Bye, Ale, Lab, Lye, Lay, Ball, Bell, Bale, Beal, Able, Ably, Yell, Ally, Belle, Label, Belly, Alley, Belay, Eyeball
Word Jam Denmark Level 27 – Lit, Lot, Tom, Oil, Rum, Mot, Rim, Our, Rot, Rut, Out, Trim, Trio, Riot, Milt, Loir, Rout, Omit, Lout, Mort, Tour, Toil, Tumor, Moult, Multi, Turmoil
Word Jam Denmark Level 28 – Lid, Lie, Elk, Die, Ilk, Led, Kid, Slid, Lied, Dike, Sled, Desk, Silk, Skid, Ides, Disk, Like, Side, Idle, Dies, Isle, Sidle, Slide, Skied, Liked, Dislike
Word Jam Denmark Level 29 – Wear, Fare, Ware, Rare, Raw, Aware, Warfare, Area, Afar, Fear, Era, Err, Wafer, Rear, Awe
Word Jam Denmark Level 30 – Ruse, Rice, Sure, Cure, Curse, Cruise, User, Rise, Cries, Sire
Word Jam Denmark Level 31 – Ate, Eel, Tat, Hat, Tea, Ale, Tee, Eat, Let, Heal, Halt, Thee, Thea, Heat, Hale, Hate, Late, Tale, Leat, Teal, Lath, Heel, Teeth, Theta, Ethel, Lathe, Athlete
Word Jam Denmark Level 32 – Rid, Dries, Rise, Ride, Sire, Debris, Bride, Dib, Dire, Side, Sired, Bid, Rib, Bred, Ides, Bed
Word Jam Denmark Level 33 – Find, Fined, Fine, Fend, Unfed, Dun, Fed, Due, Unified, Fund, Dune, Fen, Dine, Fin, Fun, Fiend, Din, Den, Feud
Word Jam Denmark Level 34 – Cider, Cited, Cried, Tire, Diet, Ride, Direct, Drive, Dire, Dice, Divert, Credit, Tired, Tier, Diver
Word Jam Denmark Level 35 – Wave, Rave, Weave, Wee, Era, Wear, Veer, Ever, Raw, Eve, Ware, Ear, Weaver, Awe, Waver, War, Aver, Ewer, Ewe
Word Jam Denmark Level 36 – Cliche, Chic, Hail, Ale, Ice, Leach, Ail, Each, Lice, Cache, Chalice, Heal, Lie, Ache, Hale, Lace, Ace
Word Jam Denmark Level 37 – Vine, Icon, Ion, Cove, Vice, Cone, Novice, Vein, Nice, Con, Voice, Coin, Oven, Vie
Word Jam Denmark Level 38 – Coin, Sir, Iron, Micro, Icon, Scion, Nor, Micron, Scorn, Coir, Ion, Corn, Son, Rim, Crimson, Minor, Sin, Norm, Con
Word Jam Denmark Level 39 – Sue, Cut, Jet, Sit, Use, Ice, Cue, Tie, Set, Its, Jut, Cute, Site, Suet, Jest, Ties, Jute, Scut, Just, Cist, Sect, Suit, Cite, Juice, Suite, Jesuit, Justice
Word Jam Denmark Level 40 – Bot, Bed, Dot, Sob, Too, Toe, Set, Sod, Bet, Sot, Ode, Oboe, Dose, Toed, Dote, Soot, Debt, Bode, Best, Boot, Does, Dost, Stood, Boost, Boots, Booted,

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