Word Jam Cuba Answers


Here are the answers to the levels of Word Jam Cuba under Voyager Category


Word Jam Cuba Level 1 – Cleat, Cate, Talc, Acute, Acutely, Cult, Cute, Late, Acetyl, Teal, Clay, Tale, Yule, Clue, Lace
Word Jam Cuba Level 2 – Ought, Thou, Dough, Grout, Drought, Trug, Tour, Thug, Thud, Trough, Hour, Dour, Hurt, Grot, Gourd, Tough, Rough, Rout, Trod
Word Jam Cuba Level 3 – Daisy, Dismay, Amid, Aim, Sad, Maid, Midas, Dais, Dam, Mid, Yam, Aid
Word Jam Cuba Level 4 – Rue, Emu, Murder, Rude, Drum, Demur, Err, Mud, Due
Word Jam Cuba Level 5 – Limp, Dial, Opal, Paid, Modal, Laid, Amid, Diploma, Pail, Mail, Mild, Load, Mold, Maid, Damp, Plaid, Loam, Lamp, Palm, Idol
Word Jam Cuba Level 6 – Kite, Wit, Wicket, Cite, Tick, Ice, Kit, Twice, Wet, Wick
Word Jam Cuba Level 7 – Neap, Lean, Plan, Peal, Alien, Panel, Alpine, Plea, Liane, Elan, Nape, Penal, Lain, Lane, Pineal, Pine, Lien, Pali, Plain, Nail, Plane, Pale
Word Jam Cuba Level 8 – Cause, Sauce, Sucre, Cursed, Cared, Scared, Crusade, Sacred, Cedar, Curse, Cured, Scare, Crude, Saucer, Caused, Cadre, Cased, Raced
Word Jam Cuba Level 9 – Inset, Eating, Stane, Stain, Sting, Seating, Aegis, Tinge, Signet, Satin, Easing, Teasing, Ingest, Stage, Saint, Agent, Giant, Singe
Word Jam Cuba Level 10 – Oath, Month, Mont, Phantom, Math, Pant, Moan, Moth, Moat, Tamp, Atop, Path, Atom
Word Jam Cuba Level 11 – Walk, Weal, Weka, Weakly, Lake, Leak, Wale, Leaky, Wake, Yawl, Weak, Kale
Word Jam Cuba Level 12 – Inter, Tire, Rent, Rein, Inert, Thinner, Inner, Nine, Hire, Heir, Tern, Thine, Thin, Intern, Rite, Tier, Hint, Trine, Ninth
Word Jam Cuba Level 13 – Mild, Lime, Lewd, Weld, Mildew, Dime, Idle, Limed, Wile, Lied, Wield, Wide, Mile, Wild
Word Jam Cuba Level 14 – Suit, Unit, Snub, Stud, Dustbin, Stun, Dust, Stub, Bind, Bust, Dint, Bund
Word Jam Cuba Level 15 – Pang, Ping, Via, Pan, Vain, Paving, Pain, Gin, Gain, Aping, Nap, Nip, Pin
Word Jam Cuba Level 16 – Scent, Scat, Acne, Ante, Enact, Scant, Sect, Stance, Ascent, Nest, Canes, Cane, Seat, Sane, East, Caste, Cast, Cate, Cates, Scan, Cent
Word Jam Cuba Level 17 – Rock, Doer, Deck, Code, Dock, Coke, Rocked, Credo, Cork, Rode, Cord, Corked, Core
Word Jam Cuba Level 18 – Admit, Aimed, Daytime, Timed, Deity, Meaty, Media, Tamed, Mated, Amity
Word Jam Cuba Level 19 – Spar, Span, Pains, Iris, Aspirin, Rasp, Spin, Sari, Snip, Raisin, Sprain, Snap, Pain, Rain, Pair
Word Jam Cuba Level 20 – Page, Pale, Plea, Peal, Plague, Plug, Gale, Gape, Leap, Plage, Gulp, Glue

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