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Here are the answers to all the levels of Words Crush puzzles. It includes Easy, Normal, Extreme, Hard and Variety.

Word Crush Easy
Words Crush Easy Beginners
Words Crush Easy Medium
Words Crush Easy Advanced
Words Crush Easy Talented
Words Crush Easy Skillful
Words Crush Easy Veteran
Words Crush Easy Expert
Words Crush Easy Master

Word Crush Normal
Words Crush Normal Beginner
Words Crush Normal Medium
Words Crush Normal Advanced
Words Crush Normal Talented
Words Crush Normal Skillful
Words Crush Normal Veteran
Words Crush Normal Expert
Words Crush Normal Master

Word Crush Hard
Words Crush Hard Beginner
Words Crush Hard Medium
Words Crush Hard Advanced
Words Crush Hard Talented
Words Crush Hard Skillfil
Words Crush Hard Veteran
Words Crush Hard Expert
Words Crush Hard Master

Word Crush Extreme
Words Crush Extreme Beginner
Words Crush Extreme Medium
Words Crush Extreme Advanced
Words Crush Extreme talented
Words Crush Extreme Skillful
Words Crush Extreme Veteran
Words Crush Extreme Expert
Words Crush Extreme Master

Word Crush Variety
Words Crush Variety Step by step
Words Crush Variety Surf Board
Words Crush Variety Hardest 3!
Words Crush Variety Random
Words Crush Variety 8 Letters
Words Crush Variety Theme
Words Crush Variety Big on Big
Words Crush Variety Sayings
Words Crush Variety Animals
Words Crush Variety Foods
Words Crush Variety Our Life
Words Crush Variety The World
Words Crush Variety Arts
Words Crush Variety Sports
Words Crush Variety Science
Words Crush Variety Theme 2
Words Crush Variety Theme 3
Words Crush Variety Theme 4
Words Crush Variety Theme 5
Words Crush Variety Theme 6
Words Crush Variety Theme 7
Words Crush Variety Theme 8
Words Crush Variety Theme 9
Words Crush Variety Theme 10
Words Crush Variety Theme 11
Words Crush Variety Theme 12
Words Crush Variety Theme 13
Words Crush Variety Theme 14
Words Crush Variety Theme 15


  1. I looked through all of the answers to the Quests, but found one missing. I have a Quest that reads: Find hidden words that start with “o” in EXTREME ADVANCED-19. There are supposed to be 6 and I have found 3 of them: outer, outers, and outlaw. Now I’m stuck. Help?

  2. Hi I’m stuck on variety theme 2 red. There are supposed to be 3 words starting with B according to words crush answers but there are only two. The B for bearing is missing so how do I complete it? Plz help

  3. Hi I’m stuck on variety theme 2. There are supposed to be 3 words starting with B according to words crush answers but there are only two. The B for bearing is missing so how do I complete it? Plz help me

  4. Looking for answers on this game.
    Google word crush answers, it will have all levels. However, an extra word may be added or a word will be missing. Crazy, but true.

    Such as…word crush variety animal answers
    I hope this helps you guys.

    I need to know how to do the hidden words part and how does the next themes open.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am on Easy Veteran level 1 doing all the hidden words. I am missing 1 word and can’t seem to find it. I need a 6 letter word that comes between erst and gay. Can someone please help me!

  6. Our Life – Bucket List
    skydive, marathon, donate, hike
    neck, body, strum, acoustic, tune
    bouquet, bride, honeymoon, vows
    My Collection
    coins, stamps, autographs, dolls, toys, leaves

  7. Has anyone figured out Expert variety “our life” puzzle school life. I figured out the words but cant line them up. The anwers are attendance, homework, locker, backpack knowledge and graduate.

  8. I think I know the words used in the the variety/arts/opera puzzle, but I can’t make them work. Theater; sing; orchestra; stage Has anyone find a way to get any of these words? Please help.

  9. The above question from me has not been answered. Is there anyway I can get some help. I don’t know what they are asking for me to do. It is not finding extra words not needed to complete the puzzles. So what are “gold word lists”? Please help..

    • On every puzzle there is anโ€Aโ€ in the left corner hit that and complete both top words. (are puzzle words) and bottom words( are extra words). Start with very first puzzle. When get all 55 you are halfway to 110 gold words.
      Good luck ????

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