Wordbrain Zombie Answers

Here are the answers to Zombie Level Pack. We are adding answers as we solve them, if you have solved please share the answers in the comment section.

Wordbrain Zombie 1 – Vitamin, Process, Assert, Servant, Climate, Regulate, Homeless, Absolute, Pocket
Wordbrain Zombie 2 – Salute, Creative,Shooting, Historic, Antenna, Thousand, Timing, Outside, People
Wordbrain Zombie 3 – Employer, Tobacco, Winner, Activity, Helpful, Movement, Reporter, Prescription
Wordbrain Zombie 4 – Ministry, Escape, Capacity, Charity, Bottom, Vision, Partner, Barrel, Prosecutor
Wordbrain Zombie 5 – Define,Thought, Teardrop, Vampire ,Forever, Herself, Absence, Survivor, Eastern
Wordbrain Zombie 6 – Athletic, Extent, Veteran, Shopping, Primary, Repeat, Strain, Element, Recording
Wordbrain Zombie 7 – Colonial, Relative, Dominate, Rooster, Monopoly, Coconut, Content, Preparation
Wordbrain Zombie 8 – Remember, Economic, Insight, Regard, Reveal, Scholar, Answer, Autonomy, Distance
Wordbrain Zombie 9 – Assembly, Medicine, Multiple, Compare, Banking, Unlikely, Creature, Particular
Wordbrain Zombie 10 – Infant, Minority, Extend, Reality, Pattern, Village, Church, Others, Controversy
Wordbrain Zombie 11 – Breach, Believe, Lawyer, Universe, Setting, Gesture, Version, Mutual, Collective
Wordbrain Zombie 12 – Breast, Promise, Liberal, Midnight, Snowman, Invasion, Person, Sanction, Routine
Wordbrain Zombie 13 – Trainer, Mixture, Strongly, Emotion, Suddenly, Supply, Doctrine, Contain, Doctor
Wordbrain Zombie 14 – Dinner, Salary, Friend, Leaflet, Jacket, Subsidy, Fifteen, European, Consumption
Wordbrain Zombie 15 – Cluster, Cookie, Support, Fantasy, Device, Portrait, Ambition, Yellow, Dimension
Wordbrain Zombie 16 – Moment, Fairly, Theory, Curtain, Chicken, Twelve, Mushroom, Diamond, Environment
Wordbrain Zombie 17 – Emission, Bridge, Junior, Mortgage, Painting, Thanks, Congress, Method, Molecule
Wordbrain Zombie 18 – Killing, Guardian, Justice, Require, Arrival, Detect, Compete, Scenario, Cyclops
Wordbrain Zombie 19 – Gently, Priest, Scream, Surprise, Senator, Detailed, Beyond, Olympic, Subsequent
Wordbrain Zombie 20 – Actual, Yourself, Shallow, Database, Criteria, Arrest, Silence, Normal, Diagonal


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