Wordbrain 2 Winner Music Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Music in Word Winner Category


Wordbrain 2 Music Level 1(SORDEC)
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 2(ETSRSAE)
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 3(DGPTORE)
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 4(SONEOCE)
Wordbrain 2 Music Level 5(HAODICE)

Wordbrain 2 Music Answers Video

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  1. Level 2: canon salsa legato artist amplifier trumpet vinyl speakers dance
    Level 3: singer punk rap electro dubstep guitar conductor note passion pop
    Level 4: reggaeton choir piano gospel chord drums headphones accelerando
    Level 5: harmonic baroque chorus etude composition techno glissando rock

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