Wordbrain 2 Supernova History Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 History in Word Supernova Category


Wordbrain 2 History Level 1(NIATMEM)
Wordbrain 2 History Level 2(EEEAROI)
Wordbrain 2 History Level 3(RTEETEY)
Wordbrain 2 History Level 4(EOMSHYP)
Wordbrain 2 History Level 5(URNELNO)

Wordbrain 2 History Answers Video


  1. Level 1: milestone religion monarchy revolution imperialism feudal past
    Level 2: temple trade warrior iron kingdom brutal princess queen monopoly
    Level 3: period crusade ancient prince royal war dynasty empire event king
    Level 4: discovery dictator knight medieval conquest romans egypt castle
    Level 5: vikings gunpowder civilization territory domination evolution

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