Wordbrain 2 Supernova Fishing Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 School in Word Fishing Category
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Wordbrain 2 Fishing Level 1 – Surface, Strike, Trolling, Underwater, Zander, Lure, Shark, Shore, Hobby (REKLOHK)


Wordbrain 2 Fishing Level 2 – Pond, Fish, Line, Longline, Hook, Ocean, Harpoon, Fisherman, Upstream, Jig (NAGJIFI)
strong>Wordbrain 2 Fishing Level 3 – Reel, Predator, Pike, Salmon, Angling, Bait, Bank, Minnow, Casting, Bottom (SINNGNI)
Wordbrain 2 Fishing Level 4 – Trolling, Edible, Leis ure, Creek, Spinner, Tackle, Cod, Net, Catch, Angler (RESCTLR)
Wordbrain 2 Fishing Level 5 – Eel, Offshore, River, Boat, Attract, Canal, Saltwater, Tuna, Catfish, Tide (TDNWTLC)


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  1. Level 1: surface strike trolling underwater zander lure shark shore hobby
    Level 2: pond fish line longline hook ocean harpoon fisherman upstream jig
    Level 3: reel predator pike salmon angling bait bank minnow casting bottom
    Level 4: trolling edible leisure creek spinner tackle cod net catch angler
    Level 5: eel offshore river boat attract canal saltwater tuna catfish tide

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