Wordbrain 2 Super Mastermind Shopping Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Shopping in Word Super Mastermind Category


Wordbrain 2 Shopping Level 1 – Shoplift, Cart, Bakery, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Receipt, Offer (CTKKTND)
Wordbrain 2 Shopping Level 2 – Merchandise, Barcode, Mall, Cashier, Mannequin, Price, Bazaar (TEEEEDR)
Wordbrain 2 Shopping Level 3 – Storekeeper, Inventory, Spree, Market, Cash, Wallet, Galleria (GETWSTK)
Wordbrain 2 Shopping Level 4 – Customer, Bookstore, Outlet, Buy, Boutique, Money, Department (NIBAMEO)
Wordbrain 2 Shopping Level 5 – Retail, Counter, Drugstore, Discount, Purchase, Kiosk, Basket (RTRRTC)


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