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Wordbrain 2 Forest Level 1 – Mushroom, Reserve, Mosquito, Moose, Rabbit, Waterfall, Habitat, Animal, Snake, Fog (LSAAIGME)


Wordbrain 2 Forest Level 2 – Moss, Cougar, Trail, Cabin, Mountain, Wildlife, Flower, Insect, Conifer, Amphibian (RWMAFILN)
Wordbrain 2 Forest Level 3 – Biodiversity, Canopy, Bobcat, Reptile, Fern, Deer, Hunter, Camping, Stream, Spring. ((MILTYAHG)
Wordbrain 2 Forest Level 4 – Grass, Butterfly, River, Centipede, Evergreen, Vegetation, Lumberjack, Bear, Fox (CTVRIOKX)
Wordbrain 2 Forest Level 5 – Hare, Wolf, Eagle, Lake, Lumber, Hiking, Environment, Conservation, Wood, Tortoise (ENNIETTW)


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