Wordbrain 2 Research Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Research in Word Jedi Category
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 1 – Fossil, Biology, School, Data, Student, Newton, Professor, Cell (ATHNACY)


Wordbrain 2 Research Level 2 – Volume, Iteration, Molecule, Gene, Atom, Sum, Mass, Physics, Test (KLTETAM)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 3 – Funnel, Brain, Control, Logic, Doctor, Improvement, Length, Ohm (TLTHMOL)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 4 – Paper, Equation, Report, Law, Observe, Tesla, Lab, Formula, Flask (TNNEASS)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 5 – Division, Archive, Pi, Fact, Delta, Latin, Math, Omega, Discovery (NOOPSHD)

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