Wordbrain 2 Buildings Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Buildings in Word Jedi Category

Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 1 – Townhouse, Hanger, Stable, Garage, Temple, Doghouse, Dome, Shop (LGSUSBA)
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 2 – Treehouse, Cathedral, Silo, Station, Bunker, Theater, Citadel (EBDIMUL)
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 3 – Courthouse, Restaurant, Brownstone, Cottage, Duplex, Asylum (NEAXDTE)
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 4 – Industrial, Greenhouse, Dorm, Gazebo, Condominium, Hut, Opera (LRALREN)
Wordbrain 2 Buildings Level 5 – Residential, Cage, Lighthouse, Market, University, Barn, Shed (EMEBGES)

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  1. I could I get connected to the Wordbrain Mastermind, since I’m still having trouble solving Wordbrain Building Level 5. Will like to play Wordbrain Mastermind. Thank you

  2. Has anyone been able to figure out level 5 of bulding jedi? I see the comments but didnt know if anyone has figured it out. Its driving me crazy. All the words are there but theres no way to put it in order.

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