Wordbrain Robot Answers

Here are the answers to Robot Level Pack.
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Wordbrain Robot 1 – Doctor, Block, Meadow, Lollipop, Nail Chin, Large, Cheese, Pancake, Antenna, Middle (NIILHKIE)


Wordbrain Robot 2 – Think, Crab, Jar, North, Earth, Grapes, Shark, Onions, Trunk, Feather, Eat, Rabbit, Deep (EHNTFTDR)
Wordbrain Robot 3 – Smoke, Tongue, Knife, String, Egg, Neck, Divide, Mast, Postcard, Nurse, chainsaw, roof (EGEIOATI)
Wordbrain Robot 4 – Kitten, dream potato, right, elephant, funnel, gloves, spinach, cabin, puzzle, pear (MAERZRCA)
Wordbrain Robot 5 – Camera, Dice, Punch, Floor, Arm, Plum, Waffle, Shirt, Corner, Cheese, Cereal, Well, Scar (RAARRAET)
Wordbrain Robot 6 – Nose, belt, barrel, blow, mushroom, slide, turkey, trousers, canoe, bag, lighter, mail (CMMSTSIT)
Wordbrain Robot 7 – Mountain, Percent, Multiply, Pliers, Stereo, Swan, Lip, Flower, BARN, Blouse, Cherry (TLRHYOEN)
Wordbrain Robot 8 – Customer, Zipper, Smell, Porridge, Scooter, Pyramid, Loop, Medicine, Muscle, Yacht (EMOEURYE)
Wordbrain Robot 9 – Axe, Corn, Sheriff, Sock, Field, Knee, Whistle, Clown, Sail, Sausage, South, Tent, Witch (FFEOCTHA)
Wordbrain Robot 10 – Snowman, Cream, Celery, Balloon, Mouth, Pepper, Bathroom, Panda, Knuckle, Boots, Ask (DPEKKMER)


Wordbrain Robot 11 – Hook, Upstairs, Tennis, Necklace, Table, Japan, Stern, Goldfish, Target, Clam, Chair (SSELEAHC)
Wordbrain Robot 12 – Apple, Fruit, Dress, Grenade, Scissors, Mouse, Mirror, Iceberg, Question, Melon, Key (SYKENIRU)
Wordbrain Robot 13 – Dice. Block, Shorts, Maze, Jug, Plane, Elbow, Buckle, Tree, Raft. Flag, Hat, Soup, Cap, Book (FAKTSRES)
Wordbrain Robot 14 – Tooth, Bottle, Robot, Teapot, Board, Cow, Down, Straw, Tail, Wink, Bell, Whale, Wide, Talk (LLBNWTHK)
Wordbrain Robot 15 – Kick, Plate, Trousers, Planet, Picture, Heel, Deep, Monkey, Peace, Cupboard, Cabbage (AEEDOLRS)
Wordbrain Robot 16 – Chimney, Wheel, Pig, Box, Mosquito, Cactus, Shin, Skirt, Golf, Ruler, Cheek, Sugar, Thin (UOSEHRSI)
Wordbrain Robot 17 – Lens, Piano, Football, Wing, elk, Sign, Sofa, Thick, Olive, Umbrella, Rocket, Boot, Game (AOLEAREA)
Wordbrain Robot 18 – Collar, money, chain, soap,drill, lollipop, raincoat, knee, door, eskimo, brick, nail (RLOROLCW)
Wordbrain Robot 19 – Hammer, Hen, goat, banana, panties, period, sock, left, shout, lip, horse, clam, pumpkin (MPOEFOSA)
Wordbrain Robot 20 – Tall, Listen, Pen, Swan, Crab, Stereo, Nut, Drink, Gun, Dice, Stop, Gap, Doorbell, Face, Jam (NMKGRLEC)


For those who needs Robot level 1 to 20 step by step video walkthrough, here you go

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