Wordbrain Kraken Answers

Here are the answers to Kraken Level Pack. We are adding answers as we solve them, if you have solved please share the answers in the comment section.

Wordbrain Kraken 1 – Shelter, Council, Survivor, Satisfy, Honest, Connect, Coverage, Anywhere, Reason
Wordbrain Kraken 2 – Horizon, Decade, Finally, Soldier, Offender, Matter, Spectrum, Suddenly, General
Wordbrain Kraken 3 – Particle, Daughter, Crisis, Unable, Arrival, Holding, Access, Actually, Addition
Wordbrain Kraken 4 – Meeting, Supplier, Heritage, Sanction, Surgery, Cheese, Painful, Insect, Highway
Wordbrain Kraken 5 – Support, Collect, Champion, Missile, Ground, Nearly, Teenager, Fiction, Discover
Wordbrain Kraken 6 – Prayer, Gesture, Around, Servant, Effort, Signal, Auditor, Billion, Nevertheless
Wordbrain Kraken 7 – Concern, Climate, Lifetime, Trouble, Useful, Reality, Respect, Beyond, Breakfast
Wordbrain Kraken 8 – Attorney, Silent, Overcome, Corner, Capable, Mainly, Though, Forever, Instructor
Wordbrain Kraken 9 – French, Unknown, Writer, Cousin, Curtain, Primary, Defender, Modern, Combination
Wordbrain Kraken 10 – Attend, During, Capacity, Wealth, Contrast, Valley, Lawsuit, Legend, Potentially
Wordbrain Kraken 11 – Builder, Frequent, Exhibit, Moderate, Insight, Bridge, Activity, Cotton, Worried
Wordbrain Kraken 12 – Comfort, Internal, Gently, Holder, Tomorrow, Chance, Evaluate, Writing, Swimming
Wordbrain Kraken 13 – Insist, Qualify, Reaction, Positive, Opposite, Makeup, Partner, Freedom, Produce
Wordbrain Kraken 14 – Degree, Artist, Improve, Attitude, Square, Affair, Stretch, Witness, Restriction
Wordbrain Kraken 15 – Advanced, Grocery, Although, Criminal, Aircraft, Opening, Reserve, Expectation
Wordbrain Kraken 16 – Fighting, Festival, Totally, Illegal, Mission, Pleasure, Display Presidential

Wordbrain Kraken 17 – Beside, Chinese, Pregnant, Resident, Vessel, Stable, Nuclear, Margin, Appearance
Wordbrain Kraken 18 – Nobody, Talent, Growing, Review, Flight, Symptom, Thought, Tribunal, Perspective
Wordbrain Kraken 19 – Rather, Consider, Supreme, Serious, Promise, Decision, Summit, Division, Network
Wordbrain Kraken 20 – Family, Guardian, Happen, Invite, Change, Speaker, Oppose, Provide, Dramatically

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