Wordbrain Octopus Level 3


Wordbrain Octopus Level 3

First Row Letters – MHTHG
IDEA – I starts at 2nd row 5th column and A ends at 5th row 5th column
CUP – C starts at 3rd row 3rd column and P ends at 3rd row 2nd column
GHOST – G starts at 5th row 5th column and T ends at 2nd row 3rd column
EARTH – E starts at 5th row 4th column and L ends at 3rd row 4th column
MUSHROOM – M starts at 1st row 1st column and M ends at 4th row 2nd column

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Here is the link to walkthrough video of WordBrain Octopus Answers
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  1. Withdrawn octopus level 3 us not doable. There is no E in 4th column row 2. The word EARTH is not makeable. I have spent money on hints and cannot progress until this is fixed. There is no L in the puzzle.

  2. I cannot complete these level. I try your guidelines many times. But its impossible. Letter E is in 5th row 4th column A 4th row 3rd column R 5th row 3rd column T 3rd row 3rd column H 4th row 4th column

  3. Octopus level 3 can be different than the ones mentioned above. My grid starts with anisi. I have yet to find a single word and I need a 4,6,7, and 8 letter words. Apparently they are changing the grids so you can buy more hints. I don’t find the hints are helpful so won’t buy them. Does anyone have any words for this grid?

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