Wordbrain Minotaur Answers

Here are the answers to Minotaur Level Pack. We are adding answers as we solve them, if you have solved please share the answers in the comment section.

Wordbrain Minotaur 1 – Saving, Combine, Pepper, Designer, Offence, Disagree, Around, Relate, Sufficient
Wordbrain Minotaur 2 – Creation, Northern, Degree, Muscle , Currency, Imagine, Priority, Tenant, Clearly
Wordbrain Minotaur 3 – Makeup,, Reform, Locate, Consent, Question, Kitchen, Energy, Creative, University
Wordbrain Minotaur 4 – Partly, Winter, Murder, Captain, Electric, Segment, Poetry, Routine, Participate
Wordbrain Minotaur 5 – Inquiry, Survival, Survey, Welcome, Sanction, Silver, Database, Addition, Visual
Wordbrain Minotaur 6 – Merely, Unless, Express, Button, Smooth, Inside, Nation, Instance, Parent, Charity
Wordbrain Minotaur 7 – String, Closer, Gently, Medicine, Forget, Taxation, Organic, Server, Cholesterol
Wordbrain Minotaur 8 – Emerge, Involved, Notice, Consume, Weapon, Frequent, Storage, Display, Counselor
Wordbrain Minotaur 9 – Wealthy, Density, Festival, Quarter, Suicide, Uniform, Argument, Audience, Carry
Wordbrain Minotaur 10 – Treaty, Surround, Disaster, Series, Coverage, Comment, External, Appeal, Scholar

Wordbrain Minotaur 11 – Position, Summit, Object, Normal, Pretty, Activist, Arrive, Afraid, Presidential
Wordbrain Minotaur 12 – Toward, Learning, Critic, Auditor, Surgery, Senior, Choice, Recipe, Prescription
Wordbrain Minotaur 13 – Cluster, Enormous, Address, Budget, Taxpayer, Priest, Specific, Prompt, Instinct
Wordbrain Minotaur 14 – Supreme, Tribunal, Possible, Everyone, Resident, Rating, Privacy, Distribution
Wordbrain Minotaur 15 – Equally, Carriage, Supplier, Shelter, Packet, Rather, Previous, Somebody, Dealer
Wordbrain Minotaur 16 – Dividend, Likely, Differ, Clinical, Manage, Radical, Colony, Effort, Fundamental
Wordbrain Minotaur 17 – Lovely, resist, remember, premium, pressure, Emphasis, assess, interior, restore
Wordbrain Minotaur 18 – Mention, faculty, driver, carrier, affect, failure, Duration, exceed, impossible
Wordbrain Minotaur 19 – Vessel, scared, sequence, intend, standing, Central, glance, critical, typically
Wordbrain Minotaur 20 – Facility, bronze, whatever, embrace, explain, Basket, numerous, invite, interest

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  1. Level 4: partly, winter, murder, captain, electric, segment, poetry, routine, participate
    Level 5: inquiry, survival, survey, welcome, sanction, silver, database, addition, visual
    Level 6: merely, unless, express, button, smooth, inside, nation, instance, parent, charity

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