Wordbrain Mermaid Answers

Here are the answers to Mermaid Level Pack. We are adding answers as we solve them, if you have solved please share the answers in the comment section.

Wordbrain Mermaid 1 – Practice, Reject, Moment, Mirror, Grammar, Question, Strong, External, Dependent
Wordbrain Mermaid 2 – Breathe, Desire, Permit, Comment, Finger, Passion, Natural, Tactic, Considerable
Wordbrain Mermaid 3 – Fraction, Nobody, Industry, Create, Pepper, Distant, Favorite, Supposed, Finding
Wordbrain Mermaid 4 – Romantic, Receiver, Creditor, Respond, Button, Annual, Attract, Strange, Convert
Wordbrain Mermaid 5 – Chemical, Announce, Airline, Partner, Stroke, Equally, Mushroom, Vampire, Expect
Wordbrain Mermaid 6 – Pillar, Regard, Lifetime, Feeling, Result, Decline, Prevent, Estate, Participant
Wordbrain Mermaid 7 – Supply, Ceremony, Teaspoon, Deeply, Discount, Twenty, Sergeant, Without, Pumpkin
Wordbrain Mermaid 8 – Innocent, Trainer, Kingdom, Victory, Someone, Device, Nervous, Private, Thinking
Wordbrain Mermaid 9 – Facility, Minimum, Timber, Basket, Plenty, Rarely, Election, Popular, Illustrate
Wordbrain Mermaid 10 – Equity, minute, income, graduate, history, others, planning, growth, investigate
Wordbrain Mermaid 11 – Member, Finance, Coverage, Although, Embrace, Standing, Slippers, Conservative
Wordbrain Mermaid 12 – Tunnel, Sister, Unicycle, Terrace, Festival, Hearing, Distinct, Detect, Research
Wordbrain Mermaid 13 – Cherry, Opposite, Density, Turnover, Anyone, Beehive, Repeat, Budget, Impossible
Wordbrain Mermaid 14 – Ethnic, Prepare, Alcohol, Creature, Artistic, System, Control, Pressure, Patient
Wordbrain Mermaid 15 – Justify, Expense, Ideology, Athlete, Property, Remark, Fifteen, Enough, Designer
Wordbrain Mermaid 16 – Proposal, Castle, Building, Orange, Symptom, Deficit, Clearly, Criminal, Reserve
Wordbrain Mermaid 17 – Diagram, Package, Personal, Neither, Perform, Unique, Chainsaw, Provider, Secure
Wordbrain Mermaid 18 – Curious, Nearby, IcicLe, Cooking, Belief, Withdraw, Report, Horizon, Fundamental
Wordbrain Mermaid 19 – Advice, Disposal, Holding, Formal, Killing, Freeze, Throat, Puzzle, Characterize
Wordbrain Mermaid 20 – Umbrella, Please, Investor, Preserve, Delight, Central, Ticket, Compass, Enhance


  1. We have now completed 50 packs collectively , which means 1,000 puzzles solved. That was fun and challenging, but I think I’m ready to move to a new game! Thanks to all who helped me through it!

    • Hi Al,
      You’re right it was fun and challenging I’ve been playing this game on my free time for while on multiple languages my score just under 1.5 million and over 2400 hints to spare I don’t know if I continue playing this game or delete it from my account. “Under review”

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