Wordbrain Dinosaur Answers

Here are the answers to Dinosaur Level Pack.


Wordbrain Dinosaur 1 – Pirate, Odd, Canoe, Fan, Earring, Dentist, Compass, Crown, Bed, Big, Porridge, Fist, Dog (GGEANTSB)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 2 – Salt, Scale, Salute, Toilet, Faucet, Suitcase, Cyclops, Fish, Cookie, Kite, Melon, Pie (SEEOSPTM)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 3 – Horse, Soap, Log, Stairs, Pigsty, Broom, Wolf, Label, Feather, Doctor, Candle, Biscuit (LRIBLEOS)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 4 – Birthday, Multiply, Shin, Rope, Cow, Turtle, Wide, Bite, Boot, Sink, Chimney, Moth, Doll (BDAOLEEY)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 5 – Bomb, Umbrella, Piano, Balloon, Center, Monkey, Pipe, File, Mouth, Hammer, Book, Lemon(LHEYLBMK)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 6 – Paint, Surgery, Tin, Oval, Shoulder, Cane, Gap, Carrot, Chainsaw, Corner, Bedroom, Fly (FYNRRWAA)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 7 – Plate, Tree, Skull, Shallow, Haystack, Tug, Bolt, Banana, Pumpkin, Church, Sheep, Down (HCEPKLKC)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 8 – Golf, Pepper, Shower, Hen, Mailbox, Peach, Edge, Scarf, Whisper, Eyeball, Straw, Plane (RESLEFEO)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 9 – Switch, Pencil, Rooster, Puzzle, Elbow, Moon, Planet, Bacon, Bald, Zipper, Fin, Eat, Sun (BTNHTEEP)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 10 – Talk, Mushroom, Sad, Square, Medal, Whistle, Dog, Fence, Thin, Whale, Crack, Globe, Glue (UTMHWBEG)


Wordbrain Dinosaur 11 – Root, Empty, Bathroom, Female, Thumb, Vitamin, Apple, Duck, Iron, Fang, Canoe, Corn, Ask (ENENRKAO)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 12 – Comb, Male, Marble, Snail, Timber, Faucet, Goat, Jump, Meat, Fork, Tall, Left, Chin, Witch (EWRCAIHC)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 13 – Collar, Snowman, Profit, Pump, Sword, Trophy, Gloves, Drink, Rocket, Joker, Glass, Bed (GKCDEOSY)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 14 – Ask, Shovel, Saw, Cucumber, Stairs, Ladder, Napkin, Cake, Slippers, Window, Boot, Mast (CPSNNMBE)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 15 – Negative, Pen, Bell, Brush, Toaster, File, Broom, Eye, Kite, Cannon, Full, Patient, Tent (LNMETTNR)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 16 – Sink, Shield, Cup, Upstairs, Trousers, Boots, Earring, Angle, Log, Toilet, Steak, Card (EKAITLTC)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 17 – Aerial, Tomato, Mast, Record, Target, Skirt, Sausage, Blouse, Doorbell, Wing, Flower (TARIGLRE)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 18 – Robot, Bat, Tie, Dart, Corner, Noose, Grapes, Teapot, Church, Melon, Bee, Sheriff, Fruit (TOUHHSSN)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 19 – Peace, Money, Puzzle, Board, Stern, Turtle, Butcher, Hook, Chimney, Box, Hatchet, Wink (WTELPCER)
Wordbrain Dinosaur 20 – Lava, Cat, Cork, Buckle, Japan, Question, Magnet, Arrow, Wolf, Coconut, Game, Wink, Cart (CSMENETR)


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