Wordbrain 2 Enchanter Loan Words Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Loan Words in Word Enchanter Category

Wordbrain 2 Loan Words Level 1 – Schadenfreude, Rendezvous, Siesta, Karate, Pretzel, Artisan, Graffiti, Bayonet
Wordbrain 2 Loan Words Level 2 – Aficionado, Entrepreneur, Rucksack, Tsunami, Sherbet, Samba, Espionage, Zombie
Wordbrain 2 Loan Words Level 3 – Ballet, Genre, Kindergarten, Ninja, Wanderlust, Bastion, Piano, Fjord, Schnitzel
Wordbrain 2 Loan Words Level 4 – Zeitgeist, Croissant, Guerrilla, Origami, Paparazzi, Blitz, Sequin, Yoga, Tattoo
Wordbrain 2 Loan Words Level 5 – Doppelganger, Renaissance, Karaoke, Hamburger, Vanilla, Mosquito, Bagel, Abbey

Wordbrain 2 Loan Words

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  1. This category has nothing to do with loans but has random words that do not relate to each other. For example, the first puzzle starts with “schadenfreude” followed by “rendezvous”. Good hunting.

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