Wordbrain 2 Conqueror Cosmetics Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Cosmetics in Word Conqueror Category

Wordbrain 2 Cosmetics Level 1 – Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Mask, Primer, Palette, Gloss, Applicator, Plumper, Skin
Wordbrain 2 Cosmetics Level 2 – Concealer, Cream, Lipstick, Moisturizer, Polish, Eyebrows, Brush, Remover, Rouge
Wordbrain 2 Cosmetics Level 3 – Cleanser, Luminizer, Contour, Toner, Sealer, Serum, Pigment, Waterline, Airbrush
Wordbrain 2 Cosmetics Level 4 – Eyeliner, foundation, atomizer, exfoliation, highlighter, face, sponge, pencil
Wordbrain 2 Cosmetics Level 5 – Mascara, Primer, Powder, Lotion, Cleanser, Curler, Eyelashes, Perfume, Liquid, Oil

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