Wordbrain 2 Commander Textiles Answers

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Textiles in Word Commander Category


Wordbrain 2 Textiles Level 1
Wordbrain 2 Textiles Level 3
Wordbrain 2 Textiles Level 4
Wordbrain 2 Textiles Level 5


  1. Level 1
    Canvas denim sailcloth velvet latex polyester chino moleskin houndstooth
    Level 2
    cashmere flannel linen tweed leather suede fleece microfiber oilskin lace
    Level 3
    Chiffon gingham muslin wool neoprene burlap lycra sharkskin damask argyle
    Level 4
    Corduroy hemp satin yarn nylon brocade jersey merino mohair kevlar Paisley
    Level 5
    Cotton khaki silk velveteen rubber cheesecloth angora tartan pashmina fur

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