Wordalot Wise Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Wise Level 478 to 489


Wordalot Wise Level 478 – Diploma, Case, Trophy, Saucer, Lamp, Printer, Phone, Glasses, Cup, Camera, Worldmap
Wordalot Wise Level 479 – Basket, Bicycles, Wheels, Ball, Tree, Birds, Bush, Butterflies, Flowers, Family
Wordalot Wise Level 480 – Fish, Underwater, Bubbles, Sealion, Claws, Dolphin, Fin, Coral, Tail, Lobster
Wordalot Wise Level 481 – Clouds, Umbrella, Birds, Reading, Sun, Pile, Palmtree, Rainbow, Kids, Boots
Wordalot Wise Level 482 – Trafficlight, Leaning, Pumpkinhead, Car, Amber, Beak, Pigeons, Windows, Bus
Wordalot Wise Level 483 – Reflection, Rope, Container, Sunset, Crane, Cargo, Boat, Mooring, Ripples, Ship, Clouds
Wordalot Wise Level 484 – Shadows, Rope, Caravan, Tourist, Saddle, Sand, Tail, Tourist, Ride, Desert, Sky, Horizon, Camel
Wordalot Wise Level 485 – Chrome, Headlight, Elephant, Green, Trees, Pavement, Wheel, Seat, Car
Wordalot Wise Level 486 – Stripes, Rubberboots, Plant, Arrow, Buttons, Snowman, Shell, Snail, Sled, Ducks,
Wordalot Wise Level 487 – Dash, Speedometer, Chrome, Gearstick, Mat, Seat, Leather, Dial, Clock, Hold, Radio


Wordalot Wise Level 488 – Microscope, Magazine, Scientist, Forensics, Casing, Globe, Bullets, Gun, Brush
Wordalot Wise Level 489 – Stick, Teacup, Sauce, Wrapper, Airballoon, Hills, Circle, Cupcake, Lollipop, Chocolate

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