Wordalot Underdog Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Underdog Level 69 to 80


Wordalot Underdog Level 69 – Curtains, Wool, Sheet, Patch, Lamp, Balls, Drawer, Clock, Needles, Stool, Pillow, Mug, Bed, Flowers, Pendulum, Portrait, Vase
Wordalot Underdog Level 70 – Horse, Kids, Barrel, Cape, Swing, Trampoline, Superhero, Elephant, Spring, Hills, Slide, Clouds, Pirate, Playground

Wordalot Underdog Level 71 – Bench, Owl, Fence, Redstripe, Boy, Moon, Sleeping, Nightsky, Tree, Flying, Cat
Wordalot Underdog Level 72 – Apple, Reading, Trunk, Satchel, Lake, Blanket, Redshoes, Cat, Leaves, Grass, Clouds, Bag
Wordalot Underdog Level 73 – Icketbooth, Ferriswheel, Funfair, Tent, Stripes, Carousel, Trees, Horse, Flags
Wordalot Underdog Level 74 – Bag, Noticeboards, Sharpener, Pupils, Chairs, Paper, Books, Desks, Calendar, Ruler
Wordalot Underdog Level 75 – Tablecloth, Plate, Strawberries, Rose, Napkin, Toast, Cutlery, Teaspoon, Pears, Knife
Wordalot Underdog Level 76 – Oar, Strawhat, Green, Bunches, Floating, Boat, Bananas, Ripples, Holding
Wordalot Underdog Level 77 – Presenting, Circle, Green, Meeting, Pentagon, Square, Triangle, Red, Plant, Pot
Wordalot Underdog Level 78 – Paperclip, Elasticbands, Map, Noughts, Redline, Pen, Crosses, Drawing, Ball, Postitnote, Bulldogclip, Tictactoe, Pencil
Wordalot Underdog Level 79 – Backpack, Walkingshoes, Smiling, Headrest, Blanket, Cap, Woman, Mug, Jeans, Shirt, Brakelights, Sitting, Car, Ballcap
Wordalot Underdog Level 80 – Box, Yellow, Green, Bags, Blue, Skittles, Spacehoppers, Flags, Bottles, Shelves, Balls

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