Wordalot Smart Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Smart Packs 1 and 2


Wordalot Smart Level 202 – Sofa, Shelf, Pictureframe, Desk, Office, Boots, Folders, Beard, Bottles
Wordalot Smart Level 203 – Brushes, Shelves, Tulips, Picture, Power, Makeup, Nailpolish, Hair, Lipstick
Wordalot Smart Level 204 – Bottle, Bookcase, Wallpaper, Curtains, Window, Cupboard, Clock, Hills
Wordalot Smart Level 205 – Skateboard, Wheels, People, Buildings, Whitecar, Road, Headlight, Door
Wordalot Smart Level 206 – Wipers, Door, Windscreen, White, Headlights, Polish, Writing, Hardhat, White, Sponge
Wordalot Smart Level 207 – Reflection, Metal, Potatoes, Peeling, Cloves, Wood, Apron, Table, Onion, Fingers, Reflection, Metal, Potatoes, Peeling,
Wordalot Smart Level 208 – Jumping, Basketball, Competition, Net, Poles, Grass, Sunset, Hoop, Aim
Wordalot Smart Level 209 – Beard, Superhero, Wingedhelmet, Flying, Capes, Pawprint, Goggles, Gauntlets
Wordalot Smart Level 210 – Fingers, Instruments, Denim, Strings, Guitar, Music, Keyboard, Bed, Duvet


Wordalot Smart Level 211 – Rosemary, Beries, Plate, Skin, Apple, Orange, Leg, Deccoration, Roast, Table
Wordalot Smart Level 212 – Leaves, Apple, Greenshirt, Shocked, Hand, Hair, Eye, Pierced, Ear, Arrow, Bark
Wordalot Smart Level 213 – Blackboard, Speechbubble, Cupboard, Television, Path, Chef, House, Apron, Rug

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