Wordalot Glossarist Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Glossarist Level 1017 to 1028.


Wordalot Gloriast Level 1017 – paws, badger, trotters, beaver, wolf, pig, squirrel, hedgehog, rabbit, fox
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1018 – firestation, pockets, hose, nozzle, coil, boots, hydrant, propeller, axe, numbers

Wordalot Gloriast Level 1019 – kneeling, symbols, scarabbeetle, earrings, fish, gods, jackal, ducks, staves, boat
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1020 – fullmoon, pink, dog, standing, fireflies, lampposts, backpack, twilight, redcap
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1021 – caveman, castle, crown, arrows, helmet, mask, dinosaur, paintings, security, spear, bones
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1022 – drawers, noses, stretching, curtains, pyjamas, duvet, bedposts, yawning, sock, cat
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1023 – bottles, trumpet, rust, lid, hourhand, woodgrain, speaker, kettle, grinder, radio, chain
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1024 – carrots, wine, eating, peppermill, gherkins, beer, cutlery, cheese, salami, olives
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1025 – dominoes, pokerchips, spades, pieces, diamonds, plastic, chess, dice, thimble, dots
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1026 – outerspace, oceans, plane, towerblocks, orbiting, cities, globe, whale
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1027 – skateboard, balletshoe, forearms, posing, sunglasses, straps, ballerina, steps
Wordalot Gloriast Level 1028 – steampunk, smirking, pages, candelabra, flames, apron, wavyhair, spines, goggles

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