Wordalot Adept Answers

Here are the answers to Wordalot Adept Level 45 to 56


Wordalot Adept Level 45 – Flag, Oar, Biscuit, Mast, Ship, Sprinkles, Sail, Saucer, Hotchocolate, Cup, Stripes
Wordalot Adept Level 46 – Light, Library, Globe, Bookstand, Camera, Hourglass, Poster, Leaningtower
Wordalot Adept Level 47 – Chair, Blocks, Levitation, Vase, Picture, Table, Pendulum, Dog, Magic
Wordalot Adept Level 48 – Redhead, Drawers, Webcam, Computer, Chair, Monitor, Notes, Wifi, Routers, Cat, Gears
Wordalot Adept Level 49 – Hook, Overalls, Carne, Wheel, House, Cementmixer, Backhoe, Hardhat, Pot, Carrying
Wordalot Adept Level 50 – Cupboard, Curtains, Spiral, Fruit, Rug, Bin, Redbook, House, Plates, Tin, Moon
Wordalot Adept Level 51 – Sitting, Slice, Redbow, Flowers, Watermelon, Girl, Grass, Eating, Dress
Wordalot Adept Level 52 – Sky, Starfish, Sunglasses, Sand, Beach, Horizon, Clouds, Ocean, Waves
Wordalot Adept Level 53 – Snail, Spade, Hedgehogs, Peg, Peasinapod, Rabbit, Radish, Carrot, Boots, Peasinapod, Tomato
Wordalot Adept Level 54 – Cushion, Stool, Floor, Grapes, Plant, Mat, Tiles, Laces, Spoke, White, Bike, Wheel


Wordalot Adept Level 55 – Table, Basket, Sofa, Rug, Art, Stripes, Plates, Chair, Radiator, Ceiling, Pipe, Plant, Pot
Wordalot Adept Level 56 – Rightangle, Notes, String, Hexagon, Glue, Numbers, Ruler, Balloon, Shark, Submarine

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