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Update – Updated till the latest Wordbrain Update on November 7, 2017. So you find answers to levels Witch, Pumpking, Reaper and Genie.


Major Update – Looks like the latest Wordbrain update have made the puzzle to appear in random order for each of the users. So we have added the first row letters for each of the puzzles as hints. You can enter the first row of the puzzle by going to the respective levels and searching through it. Have fun!! There is a new app called WordWhizzle which is as addictive s wordbrain and if you need help with any of the levels do check out our Wordwhizzle answers page. Check Word Crossy Answers for the solutions to yet another addictive game Word Crossy.

Update 1 – We have added answers to all the new Wordbrain levels Dinosaur, Dragon, Monster, Robot, Unicorn. We are solving the holiday puzzles and updating them as well. Happy Holidays. Support the developers by buying hints so we get awesome puzzles in the near future.
Update 2- We have added step by step solving screenshots for all the levels. Just check the table in each of the levels, you can click on the answer to reveal the step by step solving screenshot.

Welcome to Wordbrainsolver.com, we are the no.1 fan site for this addictive game. You can find answers to all the levels of Wordbrain here. If you need help with any specific level don’t hesitate to contact us. As this game is very popular we had to add solutions of all the levels in different languages. The game features 15 languages and there are 580 levels per language! Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few has! We have added video walkthroughs for every level, this step by step guide should help if you get stuck!! If you have time check out Definitionado Solver, another addictive word game. 94% is another addictive and awesome game which we love playing these days. We have even started a fan site to share solutions to the levels, here you go http://94percentanswers.com/.

If you like Wordbrain, then you should definitely play Word Academy by Scimob. You can find Word Academy answers in this blog. Try playing Wordbrain 2, it’s as fun and addictive as Wordbrain. If you need help with any levels of Wordbrain 2 check this out. Hope you have fun checking out Word Cookies Solver, we are providing solutions to all the levels of Word Cookies which is as addictive as Wordbrain. If you love Wordbrain then do play Word Whizzle Mix and if you are ever stuck in any of the levels here are the Word Whizzle Mix answers.

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WordBrain Witch Answers
WordBrain Pumpking Answers
WordBrain Reaper Answers
WordBrain Genie Answers
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WordBrain Svenska
WordBrain Svenska Svar MYRA
WordBrain Svenska Svar SPINDEL
WordBrain Svenska Svar SNÄCKA
WordBrain Svenska Svar KRABBA
WordBrain Svenska Svar GRODA
WordBrain Svenska Svar SKÖLDPADDA
WordBrain Svenska Svar PINGVIN
WordBrain Svenska Svar ORM
WordBrain Svenska Svar RATTA
WordBrain Svenska Svar FAR
WordBrain Svenska Svar HAJ
WordBrain Svenska Svar KATT
WordBrain Svenska Svar ELEFANT
WordBrain Svenska Svar VAL
WordBrain Svenska Svar Bläckfisk
WordBrain Svenska Svar Gris
WordBrain Svenska Svar LEJON
WordBrain Svenska Svar Ekorre
WordBrain Svenska Svar Uggla
WordBrain Svenska Svar APA
WordBrain Svenska Svar STUDENT
WordBrain Svenska Svar CLOWN
WordBrain Svenska Svar KYPARE
WordBrain Svenska Svar POLIS
WordBrain Svenska Svar KOCK
WordBrain Svenska Svar Doktor
WordBrain Svenska Svar LAKARE
WordBrain Svenska Svar Astronaut
WordBrain Svenska Svar forskare
WordBrain Svenska Svar Alien
WordBrain Svenska Svar Dinosaurie
WordBrain Svenska Svar Drake
WordBrain Svenska Svar Monster
WordBrain Svenska Svar Robot
WordBrain Svenska Svar Enhorning
WordBrain Svenska Svar Minotaur
WordBrain Svenska Svar Bigfoot
WordBrain Svenska Svar Yeti
WordBrain Svenska Svar Grip
WordBrain Svenska Svar Kraken
WordBrain Svenska Svar Mumie
WordBrain Svenska Svar Varuly
WordBrain Svenska Svar Spoke
WordBrain Svenska Svar Zombie
WordBrain Svenska Svar Vampyr
WordBrain Svenska Svar Robotzombie
WordBrain Svenska Svar Fe
WordBrain Svenska Svar Marsian
WordBrain Svenska Svar Cyborg
WordBrain Svenska Svar Sjoungfru

WordBrain Dansk
Wordbrain Dansk Myre Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Edderkop Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Snegl Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Krabbe Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Fro Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Skillpad Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Pingvin Answers
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Wordbrain Dansk Rottee Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Far Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Haj Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Kat Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Elefant Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Hval Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Blæksprutte Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Gris Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Lion Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Squirrel Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Owl Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Monkey Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Student Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Clown Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Waiter Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Policeman Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Chef Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Teacher Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Doctor Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Astronaut Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Scientist Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Alien Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Dinosaur Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Drage Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Monster Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Robot Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Enhjorning Answers
Wordbrain Dansk Minotaur
Wordbrain Dansk Bigfoot
Wordbrain Dansk Yeti
Wordbrain Dansk Grif
Wordbrain Dansk Kraken
Wordbrain Dansk Mumie
Wordbrain Dansk Varulv
Wordbrain Dansk Spøgelse
Wordbrain Dansk Zombie
Wordbrain Dansk Vampyr
Wordbrain Dansk Robot Zombie
Wordbrain Dansk Fe
Wordbrain Dansk Marsbo
Wordbrain Dansk Cyborg
Wordbrain Dansk Havfrue

WordBrain Formiga Answers
WordBrain Aranha Answers
WordBrain Caracol Answers
WordBrain Caranguejo Answers
WordBrain Sapo Answers
WordBrain Tartaruga Answers
WordBrain Pinguim Answers
WordBrain Cobra Answers
WordBrain Rato Answers
WordBrain Ovelha Answers
WordBrain Tubarao Answers
WordBrain Gato Answers
WordBrain Elefante Answers
WordBrain Baleia Answers
WordBrain Polvo Answers
WordBrain Porco Answers
WordBrain Leao Answers
WordBrain Esquilo Answers
WordBrain Coruja Answers
WordBrain Macaco Answers
WordBrain Garcom Answers
WordBrain Policia Answers
WordBrain Estudante Answers
WordBrain Policia Answers
WordBrain Chefe Answers
WordBrain Professor Answers
WordBrain Doutur Answers
WordBrain Astronauta Answers
WordBrain Cientista Answers
WordBrain Alien Answers

Wordbrain Norwegian Maur
Wordbrain Norwegian Edderkopp
Wordbrain Norwegian Snegle
Wordbrain Norwegian Krabbe
Wordbrain Norwegian Frosk
Wordbrain Norwegian Skilpadde
Wordbrain Norwegian Pingvin
Wordbrain Norwegian Slange
Wordbrain Norwegian Rotte
Wordbrain Norwegian Sau
Wordbrain Norwegian Hai
Wordbrain Norwegian Katt
Wordbrain Norwegian Elefant
Wordbrain Norwegian Hval
Wordbrain Norwegian Blekksprut
Wordbrain Norwegian Svin
Wordbrain Norwegian Love
Wordbrain Norwegian Ekron
Wordbrain Norwegian Ugle
Wordbrain Norwegian Ape
Wordbrain Norwegian Student
Wordbrain Norwegian Klovn
Wordbrain Norwegian Servitor
Wordbrain Norwegian Politimann
Wordbrain Norwegian Sjef
Wordbrain Norwegian Laerer
Wordbrain Norwegian Lege
Wordbrain Norwegian Astronaut
Wordbrain Norwegian Forsker
Wordbrain Norwegian Fremmed
Wordbrain Norwegian Dinosaur
Wordbrain Norwegian Drage
Wordbrain Norwegian Monster
Wordbrain Norwegian Robot
Wordbrain Norwegian Enhjørning
Wordbrain Norwegian Minotaur
Wordbrain Norwegian Storfot
Wordbrain Norwegian Yeti
Wordbrain Norwegian Griff
Wordbrain Norwegian Krake
Wordbrain Norwegian Mumie
Wordbrain Norwegian Varulv
Wordbrain Norwegian Spøkelse
Wordbrain Norwegian Zombie
Wordbrain Norwegian Vampyr
Wordbrain Norwegian Robot Zombie
Wordbrain Norwegian Fata
Wordbrain Norwegian Marziano
Wordbrain Norwegian Cyborg
Wordbrain Norwegian Sirena

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